Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There is now another bad ass tea towel in the world.
These, and many other patterns, can be found at Urban Threads. I have "pinned" so many of their ideas to my Pinterest "Stitchery" board. I have one more skull to sew and then I'm on to these two awesome little gems:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Until I asked myself that question, it's not something I'd ever thought about. A bad ass tea towel? Come on now. Really? To answer your first question, no, I'm not 87 years old. Mock me if you will, but I learned to hand embroider tea towels from my late mother. Embroidery is a mindless task I can do to unwind and clear my head. If I'm thinking about stitches then I'm not worrying about moving, money or men. Anyway, back to the tea towels...

Pinterest strikes again! While perusing pins the other night, I happened upon some typical retro designs, loads and loads of old fashioned designs. Then I saw them. Some pins from a website called Urban Threads. They have the hippest embroidery designs I've ever seen. Hip embroidery? I know, right? Well, unlike the tooth fairy, hip embroidery DOES exist. For instance...

I was inspired to put some of these designs on tea towels for myself. I always sew for other people, but I wanted to create something for me this time. Brace yourself for the aforementioned bad ass tea towel...

This was the inspiration:

I printed the image and then traced it onto a flour sack towel with a quilting pen where the ink disappears with water after you're done.

Here's the finished product:

There you have it. The tooth fairy does not exist, BUT a bad ass tea towel does.

PS: I suppose this counts as my first finished Pinterest project? Yay me!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

While packing up my apartment, I found this old photograph of me as a kid.

It appears as though my theory of the best pants being no pants goes back three decades. What can I say? It's a good theory!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't worry, I'm not into eating sofa cushions or talking with a puppet. There are two things I'm addicted to lately...well...two that I'll fess up to...neither of which are illegal.

The first is one is all Jamie Kirk's fault. She gave me my first hit and now I can't quit. Pinterest is so wonderful! Several people have asked me about the site so I'm here to give you the low down.

Remember life before the internet? (If you don't then I'm questioning our friendship.) If you saw something in a magazine that tickled your fancy you'd tear it out and pin it to an inspiration board. The geniuses over at Pinterest created an online version of this idea. You can post anything you find online or you can browse through thousands upon thousands of other people's pins. (Hold on folks, do we have a new meaning for OPP? LOVE IT! If you don't know what I'm talking about then I'm rethinking our friendship yet again.) Anyway, you can use the boards to get ideas for decorating, holidays, recipes, wedding or event planning, photography, etc.

I've found the fabric for my bedroom and several decorating/organizing ideas. Here are a few of the projects I plan on tackling with my own twists. Fingers are crossed for success and NOT misadventure.
  • Sling book shelf (shortened to the width of my nightstand, hung above it, and made with some of the fabric from my previous post)
  • Canvas pictures (with pictures of my lil nephew, Grant, and niece, Sahari, of course)
  • Spice jars (I'm definitely putting my own money saving twist on this project)

  • Chalkboard tray (picked my lil gem up at Goodwill for $2.25!)
I have many more things bookmarked. As usual, I'll post pics as I go. These are just the four I've got in the works to attempt in the coming weeks. Of my almost 1400 pins, I'm sure I'll try a handful. Yes, 1400. Addicted. Completely. But if it's for the good cause of helping fuel my creative inspiration is it a bad thing? Or is that just denial?

Oh, I haven't forgotten I mentioned I had two addictions. The other is trashy reality tv. I watch Big Brother, Jersey Shore, Flipping Out, and all the Housewives just to name a few. Somehow, watching Snooki face plant in the sand makes me feel better about my own life. Don't judge. I multitask by"pinning" while I'm watching my trash filled DVR. So, feel free to grab your remote, turn on Bravo, and hit up Pinterest.

PS: If you'd like an invite just shoot me an email or leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you an invitation. (Does that make me a dealer?)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I was making myself dizzy, and anyone who would listen, trying to decide what direction to take in my bedroom at the new house. A couple of weeks ago I bought this amazing chair on Craigslist for $15. You read that right, $15!! People either love or hate this chair. Bill, one of my dearest friends and landlord, is the captain of Team HATE. I use all caps because it represents his five minute tirade about his disdain for the chair. He said he was glad it would be in my bedroom so I could cover it in "yesterday's panties." (He has such a way with words.) I happen to be the captain of Team Love so it's a good thing the chair will be in MY bedroom! It's an odd retro color. What goes with this chair?

On a side-note: After talking with my Auntie P last night, I learned my grandma had the same chair in red and gold brocade. Grandma loved her chair a lot because she got it at a garage sale super cheap. Further proof that this nonsense is in my blood.

Back on topic...with this chair as a jumping off point, what direction do I take?Green/tan/cream/chocolate brown? Green/pink/cream? Green/yellow/cream? Green/aqua/tan? SO MANY CHOICES! Most people would say to just go with the flow and decide later, but I want to paint before I move all my things so a decision must be made. I've been wandering around Joann Fabric, Hobby Lobby, Gordmans and Bed Bath & Beyond looking for inspiration...some kind of fabric to use as a jumping off point. Nothing was working for me. That's a lie. There was a bedding set I fell in love with, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $100. Couldn't do it, but it reminded me how much I love a retro/shabby chic bedroom.

Yesterday, while on a packing break, I was...shockingly enough...surfing Pinterest. Someone posted a fabric sample from Heather Bailey's fabric line. I was instantly in love with her colorful retro designs. Not only are they beautiful, they're affordable! My very favorite quality. If you're in the market for some retro designs you should definitely check out her website.

Before posting pictures of the accent fabrics I selected, I'll paint you a picture of what the room SHOULD look like if my vision comes together the way I hope it does. The walls will be painted a pale aqua, my bed is painted cream and distressed slightly, the lovely retro green chair will be in the corner, my hutch will be painted a pale yellow (eventually, it's white right now), and the bedding will be red sheets with a simple cream coverlet with accent pillows. It sounds crazy, I know, but I have a vision and I'm running with it. Now, check out the fabrics that will tie these crazy colors together...
You can always count on my sis, Bethany (aka: B), and Auntie P for honest reactions. Both said they LOVE it! Ahhhhhh. I finally have a direction!! Needless to say, I'll post pictures as the room comes together in the coming month or two.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I subscribe to the philosophy that "the best pants is NO pants." I can only think of one time this rule did not apply. Have I ever told you about the time I was hanging a light fixture in a tank top and my knickers? I lived in Vegas, it was hot and it was my own damn home. Don't judge. As you can imagine, that did NOT end well.

My old bathroom had carpet...yuck. I'd pulled the carpet up, painted, and was hanging a new light fixture. I had one foot on a chair and one foot on the bathroom counter. At the time this seemed like a good idea but hindsight tells me I was off to a bad start. The chair slipped out from under me and down she went. (I use the third person "she" because it helps block out the PTSD of my mom laughing so hard she couldn't help me up or even ask if I was ok.) Well, since I'd pulled up the carpet, I completely scraped up my left leg on the cement board and injured my rotator cuff on my right shoulder so bad that I ended up in urgent care...AFTER I put my pants on thank you very much.

Wearing pants would not have prevented this incident. I'm fully aware of this. The point of this story is that as I get settled in my new rental house, take on all sorts of projects and share my (mis)adventures with you you'll be rest assured that I will share the embarrassing stories too.