Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I subscribe to the philosophy that "the best pants is NO pants." I can only think of one time this rule did not apply. Have I ever told you about the time I was hanging a light fixture in a tank top and my knickers? I lived in Vegas, it was hot and it was my own damn home. Don't judge. As you can imagine, that did NOT end well.

My old bathroom had carpet...yuck. I'd pulled the carpet up, painted, and was hanging a new light fixture. I had one foot on a chair and one foot on the bathroom counter. At the time this seemed like a good idea but hindsight tells me I was off to a bad start. The chair slipped out from under me and down she went. (I use the third person "she" because it helps block out the PTSD of my mom laughing so hard she couldn't help me up or even ask if I was ok.) Well, since I'd pulled up the carpet, I completely scraped up my left leg on the cement board and injured my rotator cuff on my right shoulder so bad that I ended up in urgent care...AFTER I put my pants on thank you very much.

Wearing pants would not have prevented this incident. I'm fully aware of this. The point of this story is that as I get settled in my new rental house, take on all sorts of www.pinterest.com projects and share my (mis)adventures with you you'll be rest assured that I will share the embarrassing stories too.



  1. Oh Jen! You crack me up! I love your fabulous stories! They make me laugh out loud as I read them, because I can picture you telling them! Miss your face! Jeanette

  2. Yay! I have a comment! The bestest part is...they're all TRUE! Come on, admit it...the best pants is NO pants! We told the bartender this saying tonight, she polled people and 90% of them said no pants. :) I miss your face too!


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