Sunday, August 14, 2011

Until I asked myself that question, it's not something I'd ever thought about. A bad ass tea towel? Come on now. Really? To answer your first question, no, I'm not 87 years old. Mock me if you will, but I learned to hand embroider tea towels from my late mother. Embroidery is a mindless task I can do to unwind and clear my head. If I'm thinking about stitches then I'm not worrying about moving, money or men. Anyway, back to the tea towels...

Pinterest strikes again! While perusing pins the other night, I happened upon some typical retro designs, loads and loads of old fashioned designs. Then I saw them. Some pins from a website called Urban Threads. They have the hippest embroidery designs I've ever seen. Hip embroidery? I know, right? Well, unlike the tooth fairy, hip embroidery DOES exist. For instance...

I was inspired to put some of these designs on tea towels for myself. I always sew for other people, but I wanted to create something for me this time. Brace yourself for the aforementioned bad ass tea towel...

This was the inspiration:

I printed the image and then traced it onto a flour sack towel with a quilting pen where the ink disappears with water after you're done.

Here's the finished product:

There you have it. The tooth fairy does not exist, BUT a bad ass tea towel does.

PS: I suppose this counts as my first finished Pinterest project? Yay me!

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  1. Love It, Love It, Love It. So fabulously "NOT CUTE"!!! gahh, just so NO to cute


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