Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've only had the paint for my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen since September of last year. Don't judge.  Seriously, don't judge.  If you're going to keep judging you'll need to come over and help me use some of that paint so you can stop judging.  Now, can we move on from the judgments I know you're all still making?  Thank you.

I painted my bathroom!  Here is the before picture:

Drum roll, please...  The after:

Bill replaced the vanity and laid new marble tile.  I painted and added the accessories. The towel rack next to the vanity is a $5 Craigslist find.  Love those!

This was one of those cases where you put on one coat of paint, freak out that it's totally the wrong color (it looked VERY baby blue, like nursery baby blue), you talk yourself off the ledge, convince yourself to let a section dry before freaking out further, watch a little tv, go back into the room, and breathe a sigh of relief when you realize it is indeed the perfect shade of aqua.  Whew!  (Even Luna loves it.  That little stinker thinks she has to be in every picture.)

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  1. Looks good! Did you rip up the old tile or just lay the marble right over it?

    1. Thanks, Ben! Bill laid the new tile right over the old tile.


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