Friday, March 23, 2012

My great friend, Suzanne, was the one to get me started on this blogging obsession.  She always shows me the most interesting blogs she follows and I love reading hers.  You can find Suzanne at Already Right Where I Belong.  The first blog, and still one of my favorites, she's shared with me is written by Jen Lancaster, jennsylvania.  Jen is one of the funniest women on the planet.  

Anyway, back on topic.  I caught a post of Suzanne's about "confessions" and decided to give it a go.  (This is my first link-up.  Yes, I'm a link-up virgin.)  I'm linking up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition to share today's confessions with you lovely peeps.  

Here goes...

1)  I really love the look of home improvement projects when they're done, but I don't really love the actual home improvement process.  About the 3rd coat of paint I get kind of annoyed.

2)  I know many of you will think less of me so go ahead a put your judgy pants on.  I'm so very excited for the 6th season of Jersey Shore because it will include a preggo Snooki and a fresh from rehab "Situation."  Go ahead, start judging if you hadn't already.

3)  I'm almost as addicted to Diet Sunkist orange soda as I am Diet Mt. Dew.  Don't mess with my sodas.  Yes, I say soda.

4)  I have a huge fear of developing a thick southern accent.  HUGE!

5)  I have had the paint for my bedroom and kitchen since September and still haven't painted those rooms.  What is that?  7 months?  Wow.  Even I'm starting to judge myself.

6)  When my brother-in-law mentioned he was painting his hallway before they moved to Oklahoma, my first comment was, "Great!  You're practicing for painting my kitchen!"  He said, "You are your father's daughter."  Here's the confession part, I took pride in that statement!

7)  Last night, Bill asked if I ever got annoyed by the fact that we rearrange furniture EVERY SINGLE time he comes over to visit.  I said, "No, but before you arrive I always wonder what will be different when you leave!"

8)  After my mom passed away I thought there'd be nobody who could make me laugh as hard as she could.  Boy, can Bill ever give her a run for her money.  My sides still hurt from laughing so hard last night.  Such a great bestie.

9)  I love the reality show Tough Love on VH1.  What I like about this wacky show is that it shows a group of women supporting and encouraging each other instead of tearing each other down like the other shows I love.

10)  Like Suzanne, I want GCB to be on every day.

11)  After proofing this post I realized I watch entirely too much TV and have no plans on changing that any time soon.

12) I will only eat Starburst jelly beans.


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