Monday, March 19, 2012

The Halloween house warming party was a huge success.  So much fun that I only have pictures of the prep, not the actual party.  Too much was going on to take pics!  So, here are some of the projects I took on to get ready for the party...

Skeleton fun
Most people hang their skeleton like the package suggests...

You all should know me by now.  I could never do the standard thing.  Instead, I hung by skeleton like this...

We didn't stop there.  I then cut out caption bubbles, put a marker and some tape on the table by the skeleton and let people go wild.  Go wild they certainly did!  It was a great way to get conversations started.  This is one of the few bubbles suitable to post.

Water Bottle Mummies
I didn't want to do typical label wraps on my water bottles.  Yes, I did serve water too.  I decided to make water bottle mummies.  Here is the play by play on making mummies for your next Halloween party.

Start out with a case of water, white duct tape, gogglie eyes and your trusty hot glue gun (low temp, of course.)

Remove the labels so you have a clean slate.

Rip a strip of duct tape about 12" long.  Rip each of those in half lengthwise.  

Wrap the strips around the bottle haphazardly.

Glue on the googlie eyes and then wrap one more half strip of tape around to cover part of the eyes.

Tada!  They were very easy to make.  The best part is, they sat in the cooler of ice/water all night long and the tape never came off.  They held up wonderfully.  Even Luna loved them and she's kind of picky.

I knew I would end up wearing an apron while the party was getting underway.  I didn't want to wear a simple apron, but I didn't have time to sew one from scratch.  Besides, who wants to take the time to do that.  Instead, I bought a basic apron from Garden Ridge and some 1/3 yard cuts of Halloween fabrics from Hobby Lobby.  All I did was cut lengths of fabric, hemmed the edges, gathered them up, and sewed them to the store bough apron.  It was a huge hit.
Since Halloween holds a special place in my heart,
I use this apron all year long.

Patio Time
Finally, I knew the patio would end up being the place to be, so I strung up some Halloween lights (with my friend Ben's help since I'm so short).  Bill planted some new shrubs and added a couple more chairs.  Suddenly, it was patio time!

The party was a blast.  I truly have such wonderful friends.  Thanks to all who made it so much fun!

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  1. no pictures of the actual party you say?? oh ... i have pictures. hahaha love ashley :)

    1. Bahahahaha! Let me clarify, none that should be shared with the masses!


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