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I got the best call ever back in October.  My brother, Tyge, called to tell me he was coming to see me for Thanksgiving.  When I thought it couldn't get any better, he told me he wanted to make Christmas decorations while he was here.  Heaven!

Let me introduce Tyge & Sahari.  Tyge is my brother and Sahari is his gorgeous daughter.
Talk about adorable!

We spent the next couple of weeks on Pinterest hunting for ideas of crafts to try and then narrowed down the list from there.  Most were successful, but one was an especially bad failure.  As promised, I WILL share the misadventure with you.  First, the successes...

Glitter Ornaments
I've been known to be distracted by shiny objects, so it was no wonder I fell in love with these ornaments!

I was especially enthralled by the fact that they were made with four simple supplies.  All you need are clear glass ornaments, extra fine glitter, a cup and wait for it....Mop & Glo!  Yes, you read that right, Mop & Glo!

You simply remove the cap from the ornament, pour in some Mop & Glo, roll the ornament around so the Mop & Glo coats the inside evenly and then empty out the excess into a plastic cup.  After that, you carefully pour some glitter into the ornament, roll it around so the glitter coats the inside evenly, and then pour out the excess.

We let them sit overnight to try before putting the cap back into the ornaments.  Tyge made his in red and charcoal grey.  I made mine in all sorts of crazy colors.  Tyge was concerned my tree would look like a "Puerto Rican Christmas tree."  After putting the tree up later, he admitted he was wrong!  I love it when that happens.

I made mine in all sorts of crazy colors.  Tyge was concerned my tree would look like a "Puerto Rican Christmas tree."  After putting the tree up later, he admitted he was wrong!  I love it when that happens.

See, it's not crazy like he thought!

The boxes of 12 ornaments cost about $4 each, the glitter ranged anywhere from $4 for a larger bottle to $10 for a big set of smaller bottles, and the Mop & Glo was only $3.  The best part about these ornaments is that the glitter is contained and doesn't get everywhere.

Oh, and I can't forget to acknowledge my usual helper, Luna.  She just had to be in the middle of everything.

Mercury Bottles
For our next challenge, we attempted this faux mercury bottle tutorial.  The picture below was our inspiration, but we opted not to put the lettering on them because we wanted to be able to leave them out all year.

These were very easy to make, but the mercury paint is rather pricey.  Krylon makes it in a small can that Hobby Lobby sells for $12 (but of course I used a 40% off coupon!).  Each can was enough to make three bottles.  We sprayed the bottles with three coats of paint, let them dry, sprayed them lightly with a mixture of vinegar and water, and then gently rubbed them to get the worn appearance.

While we waited for them to dry, we may or may not have had a few of these Orange Julius Cocktails.

I've kept my bottles out on a bookshelf all year.  They look great.  By the way, the Orange Julius Cocktail recipe is amazing.  Even my bestie, Kerri, who doesn't like sweet/sugary drinks, loves these.  You just need a shot of whipped cream vodka, a shot of orange juice and some Sprite.  That's it!  They're soooooooo good.  Always remember, one should drink & craft responsibly.

Etched Glass Ornaments
File these etched glass ornaments under misadventure!  I think we'd both agree they could be classified as an EPIC failure.

I think they have turned out better if we actually used etching spray, but we used Krylon Frosted Glass Finish Spray.  I will never use this spray again on any project.  It scratched right off the glass.  No matter the success level, we always have a blast!  Here are some pictures to prove it.

Ok, so he didn't look like he was having  much fun here, but trust me, he was!
We used long matches to hold the ornaments while we sprayed them.

Sexy, right?!  I felt like I was doing one of those tricks in the circus where you spin plates on sticks.

Life is all about creating memories
Long after the items are worn or broken, we will have memories that last a lifetime.
Here are a few extra pictures from our weekend fun.
One of our adventures was a trip to a local Christmas light display.
Sahari was a big help when it came to making
Tyge's delicious mac & cheese.

Just as I was explaining to Tyge that Oklahoma isn't nearly
as back woods or redneck as he had thought, a van drives by with a
shower door for a back windshield.  

The best part of these crafting sessions...A LOT of laughter.

He may have been laughing at my attire.  Let me explain:
#1) It was late and I was in my jammies.
#2) It was warm outside but cold outside.  I had to be comfortable inside while we waited for the paint to dry, but warm when we went outside to spray the bottles.
Ok, now I'll share with you my sexy, sexy look.  Brace yourself!

Would you like a close up of my stunning footwear?

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    Once the glitter is added, does the Mop & Glo tend to run the glitter down the sides or does it stay fully glittered while drying? Thanks!


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