Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You probly think this song is about you, don't you?  (sorry, I couldn't help myself. It's now stuck in my head.  I'm also sorry if it's stuck in your head too.  If you don't know what song I'm talking about, I'll be rethinking our friendship.  Or watch this video and have it stuck in your head too.  Either way, you're welcome.)

Now, on to the vanity post.  My sis and her family will be moving in with me for a little bit starting next week.  With one bathroom, I was worried about the Olympics that would take place for everyone to get ready in the mornings.  That's when it hit me, Bill had left a vanity in the house that he said I could give a coat of paint or three.  After going to Lowe's and holding the can of red paint in my hand, I finally went for it.  I committed.  I went back to Lowe's and bought a quart of "Gloss Sunrise Red" oil paint.

I sanded the vanity and gave it a good cleaning before moving it inside to start painting it last Friday night.

It was a little beat up, but I knew she'd be a beauty once she was done.  I gave her three coats so far.  I may give her another later on, but three was what I could get done over the weekend.  It took all the self control Luna had not to jump on it while I was painting it.  There's no way I was leaving it unattended during the week for her to lose control and run rampant like I know she would.

My friend happened to have a stool she wasn't using anymore that she said would be a good pairing with the vanity.  At first she said I could borrow it, but then later said it was all mine to do with as I pleased.  I grabbed some of the fabric I'd mentioned in a post from last year (from Heather Bailey's collection) and headed down the street to Lowe's AGAIN. The closest match I could find was Valspar's "Ocean Soul" aqua colored gloss spray paint. (Yes, again with the spray paints.)

Here's what the stool looked like before (without the cushion):

After a few coats of the spray paint, she was quite bright.  This picture makes it look like a brighter blue, but it's really an aqua, trust me on this one.

After a weekend of painting, the two came out great!  I picked up a "candle mirror" at Hobby Lobby for $4.  Gotta love their 50% off glass sales every other week.  I mounted that in the center of the vanity.  I also picked up two crystal knobs for the drawers during the same 50% off sale.  Those ran me $2.50 each.  I just need to pick up a handle for the center drawer and I'm done!

She's ready for her close up.

Now I have a space in my bedroom to get ready in the mornings.  The mirror is a little low so I might put it up on some blocks painted red or something so I'm a little more comfortable when I primp.  We shall see.  Needless to say, between the oil paint fumes in the house, and the spray paint fumes outside, I had a great weekend!  And productive to boot.

PS:  After trying to clean oil paint off my hands I googled how to clean oil paint off skin and learned COOKING SPRAY of all thinks will get the paint off.  I whipped out the can of Pam and sure enough, it worked!  Again, you're welcome.

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