Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Saturday was the big nephew, Grant's, big buckaroo first birthday bash!

Let's get the great news out of the way first and then we'll get into the details of the party.  IT DID NOT RAIN!  The storms cleared up mid morning and held out until late evening.  It was nice and comfortable, thank the Lord.

Ok, now on to party details.  There are so many to share!  As a matter of personal taste, I don't like to read really long blog posts so instead of one super duper really long post I've broken the party details into six decently easier to read parts: homemade decorations, store bought decorations, favors, food, memories and misadventures.  Yes, there were a couple of those.  Would you expect anything less?

I would like to give photo credit to my brother-in-law/Grant's dad, Chris.  He gets credit for all the clear pictures.  I get the blame for the fuzzy iPhone pictures.  Thank you, Chris!

 Life was crazy in the weeks leading up to the big day, so I had to pick and choose what I had time to make and what store bought decorations I should use.  When planning a themed event, I love to think of creative/off the wall ways to decorate while making my dollars stretch as far as possible.  All supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby (HL) or Party City.

I'd seen so many great homemade buntings on Pinterest I just had to make one for this party.  This was my inspiration piece:

I picked up some western print scrapbook paper from HL during a 50% off sale (about $4), found clip art of a little ginger cowboy (free), bought some twine from Walmart (about $1.50) and made my very own bunting.

For less than $6 I had enough bunting to stretch around my dining room.  That's quite a bit of bang for my buck!

Next up are the wanted posters.  I knew I wanted some, but wasn't sure how to go about making them.  HL had a package of four posters for $1.99.  They came with bullet wholes and all.  I printed some of my favorite pictures of Grant on parchment paper I had on hand along with his full name, height, age and weight.  After tearing the paper I taped them to the wanted posters.  Tada!  Four wanted posters for under $2!

The next picture will make a repeat appearance to discuss some store bought decorations, but do you notice the cake table cover?  I bought a yard of cow print fabric at HL 30% off (less than $5), tore it to size and whipped a quick hem up on the sewing machine.  I only used about half the fabric so for about $2.50 I had the perfect cake table cover.

Now comes the butcher paper decorations.  A big roll only cost $3.99 at HL and the tempera paint was only $1.59.  I made an outhouse for the bathroom door (this helped new visitors know where the bathroom was), a set of saloon doors for the kitchen door and a big wanted poster for people to dress up and have their picture taken.  So, for just over $5 I was able to whip out quite a few bigger items in a short amount of time.

I printed out the WANTED letters on my PC, cut them out and taped them to the poster.
This is an easy way to pull lettering together.

I hope some of my ideas have inspired you to add a little extra homemade pizazz to your next party.  This wraps up the homemade decorations post.  Stay tuned for my store bought touches.

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