Friday, April 20, 2012

It's party favor time!  I'm so resisting the urge to make a Flavor Flav reference, but I promised I wouldn't.  So, alas, we will march forward.  You're welcome.

With a mix of kids and adults coming to the party, I wasn't sure how many kid favors to have or how many adult favors to have so I thought and thought and thought about what we could have that both would like.  After perusing my favorite inspiration source, Pinterest, I had it!  These two things stood out to me:

I liked the idea of the fabric favor bags, but I didn't want to pay $18.50 for 6 bags. That's outrageous!  Am I wrong?  With about 30 people coming over, those bags were way out of my price range.  I also like the idea of the cow pie brownies, but I didn't have time to make those cute little header cards like the other picture shows. came to me!  I could sew the bags and we could put those yummy looking brownies inside them.  Yep, I'm a genius.

While I was working on the bags, Bethany was in the kitchen working on the cheesecake swirl brownies (they were delicious!!)  For the bags, I bought 1.5 yards of bandanna print fabric ($7.50) and used the twine from the bunting project ($1.50), both from Walmart.  If you know anything about my crafting style, you know I'm not a precise crafter.  I simply cut the fabric in strips and cut those strips in thirds, so I guess they were about 5"x15".  No two were the same.  Sorry, that's just how I roll.  Remember my confessional where I admitted to taking my iron to work?  This was the project I was working on when I was busted ironing at my desk on my lunch break.  I folded the edges in and ironed those down and then ironed them in half, right sides together.

Once I got home, all I had to do was sew the hems and then sew up each side.  I was able to sew all 30+ bags in about 45 minutes.  I ran them all thru end to end, then went back and snipped them all apart.  It sure saved time.

I also saw this sign on Pinterest to put at a favor table and couldn't resist making one for Grant.
This was the inspiration piece.  The Birthday Blog had a ton of great ideas.
I have a table by the front door that we put burlap over ($2.00), put the frame (made with materials on hand),
and the favor bags.  They turned out so cute!  
You may also notice the cup of Jolly Rancher suckers.  They have nothing to do with being a buckaroo, but they had everything to do with Auntie Jen wanting to try making them after seeing the idea on Pinterest.  The hardest thing was unwrapping all the Jolly Ranchers.  Other than that, they were SIMPLE!  I bought lollipop sticks at Hobby Lobby ($2), the bag of Jolly Ranchers at the grocery store ($3), and the little clear candy bags at HL ($2).  So, for only $7 we were able to make a lot of suckers.  They were a huge hit!

All we had to go on was this picture/post from Pinterest.

Per the post, I lined the pan with parchment paper I had on hand.  I unwrapped every single stinking Jolly Rancher in the bag (they seemed to never end).  I placed them in the pan like it shows in the picture, but I learned a very valuable lesson.  Off-set the jolly ranchers so you can put the sticks in them without the stick touching another grouping.  I baked them at 225* for about 7-9 minutes.

Once they were about as flat as the picture above we pulled them out of the oven.  You don't want them to be much flatter or the stick will bulge out too much.  At this point, you MUST MUST MUST work quickly.  Just place a stick in the candy, twist it around so it's covered in candy and then leave them there to cool.

Here's a close up of the finished product.

Once they were cooled, and not sticky, we put them in the bags and used the twist ties to close them up. They were so good I want to make more just to have on hand.  Mmmmmmm!  So, there you have it.  The favors were a success.  A perfect little treat for those of all ages to enjoy later in the day.

Next time I'll share all the delicious recipes we tried.  If you've missed any of the series, they are listed below.

Buckaroo Series:
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