Friday, April 13, 2012

Buckle up folks, it's time to get my confessing on with Leslie at Blonde Ambition!  Please forgive me father for I have...wait...wrong kind.

1)  The news of Big Ang getting her own spin off show made me so happy.  I can't wait to see what gems of wisdom she will impart on us.  How can you not be entertained by this woman??

2)  I did not realize how much of a tidy freak (not a total neat freak) I've become since moving into my rental house.  I used to be a little messy, but since moving into a bigger/nicer space, I really appreciate the space and want to keep it nice.  

3)  I know it's getting to be nicer weather. I love wearing my capris and my longer shorts this time of year, but I still only shave up to a little above the knee most days.  Why bother?!

4)  I tip toed into Bethany's family's bedroom yesterday morning because I heard Grant babbling and I wanted to snatch him up and love on him while he was still in that sweet mood.  I got half way to his crib and realized both Bethany and Chris were awake.  Caught red handed!  It didn't stop me from taking him!

5)  I wanted to have my kitchen painted before Grant's party, but it is so not going to happen.  I don't know what my aversion is to painting this damn room, but I know I'll love it when it's done.  As soon as the semester is over (5/5) I am painting that room and you can hold me to it.

6)  I've got a little sewing project I need to get done tonight for tomorrow's party, but don't have a lot of time tonight so I packed up my iron and mini ironing board and brought them to work.  Not only did I get spotted carrying these odd pieces into the office, I was spotted by the Dean.  It's not that I was doing anything wrong; it's just that it's weird.  Can't I catch a break?  

The house is clean, we're food shopping after work and  using this evening for decorating the house for tomorrow's shindig.  I've got some fun things up my sleeve and can't wait to share them with you after the party.  (I don't want to ruin the surprises for those attending by posting early.)  PRAY IT DOESN'T RAIN!! What are you confessing?



  1. I'm going to call you Lupita from now on and maybe JL will cease confusion


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