Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's a day early to be Thirsty Thursday.  How about Wine Wednesday?  That works.  I've been keeping this little gem of a post in my pocket until I could give them to Sis for her birthday earlier this month.   I wanted to make her something to welcome her to this neck of the woods since she was moving to Oklahoma.  I'd seen these redneck wine glasses at a few shops, but they were upwards of $15 each.  How crazy is that?  
This is another one of those times most people see something cute and my mind goes in the direction of how I could make them myself.  Hobby Lobby usually has their glass on sale for 50% off every other week.  I was lucky enough to hit HL on the right week.  The jars were less than $1 each and the candle holder was only $1.50.  The only other things I needed were some epoxy ($4) and some beads ($2) to personalize the glasses.  

These seemed pretty easy in my mind, but I surfed youtube for a tutorial video to make sure I wasn't missing anything.  This was the tutorial I found.  Well, the first 2 minutes were helpful.  I didn't have any desire to paint these for professionalization because I had the beads to do that.  
Turns out, it really was just as simple as I'd imagined. Add some E-6000 epoxy to the top of the candle stick holder and a little to the bottom of the jar.  Wait a minute or two and then put the two together.  While I was waiting the couple of minutes before putting them together, I put a dab of glue in the hole of the candle stick holder and placed a big wooden bead inside.  When I put the jar and candle stick holder together, the bead was trapped inside.  I put a different colored bead in each glass.  This way you'd be able to tell which glass was yours, the red bead, green bead, etc.  I set them aside and left them alone for a couple of days so they'd cure without any issues.  

Here are the finished products:
Finished set of glasses
Close up of one glass
A closer look so you can see the bead.
Of course, Luna felt the need to get in the way,
I mean, get in the pictures.

One of the selling points on the store bought packaging for these glasses seemed a little silly.  It said they were perfect because you could put the lid on the jar to save an unfinished drink.  Who has unfinished drinks?!!  

Anyway, I made myself a set along with Bethany's.  You should make yourself a set too.  I'll come over and share a bottle of wine to break them in with you.



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