Friday, May 11, 2012

So, I know there are a lot of wonderful women out there who never get the recognition they deserve, the time they deserve or a day to relax and be taken care of the way they deserve.  Mothers are unsung heroes.  True dat.  Happy Mother's Day to all of you.

Then, there are those of us who are not mothers, have lost our mothers and wish the whole day could just be skipped over.  Being that I'm not a wallow in self pity kind of gal, I'm taking it upon myself to distract the hell out of myself this weekend.  How on earth might I do this?  By trying new things from Pinterest, of course!  I figure I should put my addiction to good use.  "Operation Make Mother's Day Disappear" sounds too ominous so let's call this my "Mini-Personal-Pinterest-Challenge" (MPPC).  That's sounds much better.

Pinterest Favicon

Now, do I choose 3 realistic things I know I can accomplish or do I choose 5+ ideas and wing it hoping to get as many done as I can?  I'm going to set myself up for success this go around of my first ever MPPC and only go for three.  So, here goes nothing...

Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes from Doughmesstic.  Yum!!
I've had this recipe pinned for two weeks and have wanted to try it so badly!  I shared the recipe with my friend, Suzanne, at Already Right Where I Belong, and she said they were delicious.  Why not make them this weekend?  The make things easier side of me has decided there are a few things I plan on tweaking.  I'm going to use prepared pizza dough, a roasted chicken from the grocery store and I'm going to add blue cheese crumbles.  Can't wait!

After I got over the "FIVE YEARS?!  I can't commit to something for five weeks!" shock, I looked a little deeper,  It's simply 365 quick one line question/answer type prompts that you answer for a year.  The next year you answer the same questions all over again.  Then you can look back and compare your answers between the years and see how they change.  So, I have clearly not committed to the smashbook idea yet because it's kind of intimidating, but I can totally commit to a note card a day, right?  This is my kind of baby step!  Besides, I have sooooo many card making supplies that I can get this going with hardly any start-up costs.   This blog only goes thru prompts for four months.  I had to do some digging to find more.  Here are some of the journal prompt links I've found:

loose tea storage chalkboard paint
I've had the chalk board spray paint and baby food jars to make spice jars for months.  I'm going to tackle them this weekend and get that crazy spice cupboard under control!

These are the projects I'm committing to trying this weekend.  I'll pop in Monday to let you know about my successes/failures.  Care to join me in your own MPPC?  If you tackle something I'd love to hear, see, read about it!  

Until then...
Ahhh friday

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  1. Never heard of chalk board spray paint. What a great idea!

    1. You can get it at most hardware stores and I think Hobby Lobby even carries it. Thanks for popping in.

  2. I love you Jen.

  3. Love you friend! It's helpful to shove the dough in the cups and then shove the chicken and cheese in the the dough that's already in the cup. It was also good with the fresh mozzarella pearls. MMMM

    1. Love you too! Thanks for the tip. We are going to add some blue cheese crumbles too. Can't wait!


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