Monday, May 7, 2012

Now, I'm kind of picky about salsa.  I do NOT like chunky salsa.  I do not like green salsa.  I do not like a ton of cilantro in my salsa.  What I do like is the blended up salsa you get in restaurants.  That's why I pinned one of my very first pins on Pinterest.  It was a salsa recipe for the very type of salsa that I love.  I have been waiting for just the right time to give Mountain Mama's Quick & Easy Salsa a go.
What more perfect time than Cinco de Mayo?!  Sis and I decided to make a Cinco de Mayo feast Saturday night.  She made authentic Mexican rice and chicken enchiladas while I whipped up the salsa.
The recipe was just as it claimed...quick and easy!  As my loyal readers know, those are two of my very favorite qualities in a craft or recipe.  I used one whole jalapeno, but seeded half and used the other half's seeds.  I also left out the cilantro because the store was out, we did not have any and I'm just not a fan.  Other than those tweaks, I followed the recipe to the letter.  It was delicious!  It even impressed Chris, the chef of the family.  This will now be my go to recipe for salsa.  In fact, I plan on making more for patio night this week!  (PS: Next time I'm going to cut the honey in half and see how that works out.)

MISADVENTURE DETAILS:  As I've promised since the beginning of my blog, I share my misadventures!  The blender was last put together without the rubber washer ring thingy.  If you have a blender, this is a VERY key part.  Nothing should be blended without it.  I know this now.  It was half way through putting the ingredients together that Sis spotted the issue.  At that point it became like a wicked game show.  I was fumbling trying to find the measuring spoons.  I couldn't find the honey.  The blender kept a slow and steady leak.  It all happened too fast to take any pictures, for that, I apologize.

We even made some strawberry daiquiris with Captain Morgan Coconut Rum...served in our homemade redneck stemware, of course!
Cheers!  Or however you say that in Spanish.  I hope your Cinco de Mayo was as fun as you planned.  Give Mountain Mama's Salsa a try the next time you're in the need of a salsa fix and let me know what you think.

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  1. haha and YUM! That is the kind of salsa I like too!

    1. It really is good. I stopped at the store and got enough to make a double batch if the Baughmans wanted or to have ingredients on hand for another day. Chris looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if he wanted me to make more. YES! So, a double batch it is. :)


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