Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome to the next post in my Color My World photo challenge.  

Two words for you, NO PRESSURE.  Just as I believe "the best pants is no pants" I also believe "the best pressure is no pressure."  Feel free to jump in any time when a color strikes.  If something Olive Green jumps out at you two weeks from now, go back and link up.  NO PRESSURE!  

Since this is a no pressure challenge, and open indefinitely, I'm going to go head and move onto the next color.  I had a co-worker turn her head and draw the next color out of the box.  Are you ready for it? 
I need to quit asking if you're ready to know the color 
since I put it in the title.  Oh well.  

This time I took took a few pictures to share:
This morning Grant was in my room while I was getting ready.
After you get over being distracted by his adorable grin, you
might notice his yellow shirt, oh, and my flip flops on his arms.
My morning "coffee."  Most mornings start off with some
Diet Mt. Dew. Gotta get the engines going somehow.
This devil duck sits on my shelf at work and has for a few
years now. I forget it's there until a student mentions it.
Today, her beak stood out to me.
I'm on the second color of this challenge and I'm already starting to notice things I normally gloss over.  As I mentioned in the caption for the duck, I forget she's there most of the time, but today, as I was noticing all the yellow around me, there she was.  I wonder how much more I'll notice as we move through more crayons in the box.

What do you spy with your little eyes that is Yellow?
Take a peek, snap a quick picture, and link up below.
I'd love to see what you come up with!

If you'd like to email me your picture to share,
feel free to email me at

A full index can be found here.

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Color My World Photo Challenge
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  1. Good job on this challenge so far!

    1. Thank you! You should check out my latest post. It's a big ol' thank you to YOU!


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