Friday, June 1, 2012

I know it was a short week, but TGIF, folks!  I s'pose I should have a lot to get off my chest since I skipped Confessional Friday last week. Let's see what I can come up with...

**  I HATE having to say "I don't know" so my go to answer for Trivial Pursuit is always "Chief Joseph."  I have no idea why, but saying "Chief Joseph" rolls off my tongue better than "I don't know."

**  I have never played beer pong in my life.

**  I love that my sister's 1-year old son taught our 60-something Papa how to sign "please" last weekend.
How precious is this?
**  I'm thinking about getting a couple more veggie plants since B&C are moving out and will be taking theirs.  Who would have thought I'd be so giddy about a tomato plant??!

**  I was kind of dreading going to the lake this weekend, simply because I've been out of town the last two weekends, but now that it's here I'm looking forward to the mini-vacation.  I'm also excited because Aunt Linda & Uncle Vaughn will be joining us.

**  I have disabled the captcha thingy for comments because I HATE them myself and so should you.  You're welcome!

**  Even though I've worn them twice, I'm still uneasy about the whole mismatched sock thing.

**  When I saw this puppy on Pinterest (the link was a dead-end) I turned my head sideways and I'm going to bet you just did too.
Some People Make Me Do This
Link up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition and share your confessions.  What are you confessing this week?



  1. Yay for turning off the captcha thingy! And I want that puppy. Just like every other puppy I ever see...

    1. Some day you'll have the puppy of your dreams. Wait, just one of the puppies of your dreams? hell no! I can see you living in The City with 18 dogs all tangled up on a leash looking oh so fabulous though.

  2. I'd also be uneasy about the mismatched sock thing. I'm a little too OCD.

    Let us know how your tomatoes do. I work in the country but I'm a city girl. I tried a tomato plant once and got 2 whole tomatoes all season. I think it could sense my not so green thumb.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one weird about the socks. I have never had a green thumb so this has been interesting. I'll keep you posted!

  3. You've never played beer pong?! You haven't lived lol. Even when I didn't drink beer, I played and my partners would take my drinks for me lol. I miss college haha.

    The sign for "please" looks so precious! Grandpa looks very interested in learning.

    YAY for disabling the captcha i just realized i'd had one on mine a few wks ago haha.


    1. I KNEW it! Glad I'm not the only one. Yes, no beer pong and so glad I disabled the captcha thingy too. Grandpa was VERY proud that his 1 year old grandson says please. :)


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