Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy frickity-frackin-freakin-Friday.  I know.  I know.  Those are strong words, but they're true.  The arrival of this joyous day means it's time to link up with the lovely Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday.
Here is what I need to confess this week...
  • I like to admire my yard work when I'm done with it.  For real, when I'm done, sometimes I run an errand just so I can admire my yard work all over again.  Something good needs to come of all that work!
  • I get nervous when I cop is driving directly behind me.  I'm a good driver and I have insurance.  Not sure why I get nervous, but I do.
  • I suck at painting my own nails.  I keep trying.  I'm no quitter.
  • I've become mildly obsessive about taking care of my pepper plants.  I've salvaged two of the tomato plants and will be buying some kind of netting to keep the little jerks out of the plants this time.
  • I'm buying two more of these to stockpile in my freezer tomorrow since it's the June flavor and we're  at the end of June.  Snap some up before they're gone, folks!  Unless you live in Tulsa.  If you live in Tulsa, it tastes horrible and you don't want any.
  • Yes, I'm going to see Magic Mike.  The cougar watching might just be as good as the movie.
  • I hate when clean edits of inappropriate songs (especially rap) come on the radio because then I sound like a dirty bird when I sing the real words.  True story.
What are you confessing this week?



  1. Oh, you read my mind with this post. I, too, get so paranoid about cops driving toward me. Like, I kind of swerve. So weird.

    Also, YES - hate when they clean up songs. I mean, let's leave the artist's original work as is. Cheers to dirty songs full of dirty words! : )

  2. I hate when cops are around me at all, and seriously, I am no law-breaker.

    That ice cream sounds seriously good. Wish we had it up here in Canada!


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