Monday, June 11, 2012

Pardon the weird pics, they're actual pictures of my TV screen.
Yes, I'm classy like that.

1) I fully admit I'm late to the game because this show premiered in May.  
How could I have missed it?!  The show airs on HGTV on Saturday nights.  
This is what their HGTV site had to say about these women:
"Junk Gypsies features designers Amie Sikes and Jolie Sikes as they 
take their rebellious independent spirit and unusual design philosophy 
on a special mission to find junk and use it to transform homes. 
Finding beauty and value in items that would otherwise end up in the 
trash, these sisters are raucous and rowdy treasure hunters or 
whimsical and colorful designer/decorators, but they are 
definitely not antiquers or pickers."

They've done back stage rooms for several country stars
Miranda Lambert's Windstream

I love their mix of retro, whimsical, eclectic style.
I especially love their use of reclaimed items.

2) When I was a little girl and would misbehave (which let's face it, happened VERY rarely because I was a well behaved little squirt), my Papa would tell me he was going to "give me back to the gypsies they bought me from."  I was a gullible child.  For a long while, I wondered if I really was from the gypsies.  So, after watching this show, I completely believe...I FOUND MY NATIVE GYPSY TRIBE!!  I called Papa and told him this story.  (Some day's it's a crap shoot on whether he's going to find my humor humorous or not.)  He played right along and said, "I don't recall where we bought you from, but that's probably where you got some of your creative tendencies for scrapbooking and stuff from."  
MY POINT EXACTLY!  God, I love my Papa.

3) On the episode I saw, they were doing the living room and an eating nook in one of the sister's houses.  Because it was their own house they could be a little more outrageous/whimsical than normal.
They found an old vinyl booth and reupholstered it in pink glitter vinyl.  LOVE IT!
They re-purposed some old metal ships into light fixtures.
They strung crystals and wired it then hung them from the ceiling.  
They took an old spool and made it into a craft station for her daughter.

4) After I found out I was late to the game I tried to find out how I can see old episodes.  I can't get them on OnDemand or online, but there is a marathon of the past shows happening next month.  You can bet your bottom dollar I will be recording all of them.  

5)  Here are a few links I found to see their show, social media, store, etc.  
Gypsyville (their store, but it's been having tech issues so try back later if the link doesn't work.)

6) Don't tell anyone, but I actually Google Map'd how far it was from Tulsa to Round Top, TX so I could go see my long lost Gypsy family.  Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for my long lost Sikes family, it was too far to go on a Sunday.  Someday we will reunite.  SOMEDAY!



  1. K im jealous. That is SOO cool. I love the decor and that pink couch! Ugh! Amazing! I need to find and tune in to this show

    1. You MUST! I want everything they do. I shit you not I googled how far away they were so I could go visit them. They live in a town of 94 people so they'd be easy to find, right?!

  2. heyyyy there LoNG-losT sisTER!!! thank you sooo much for diggin our show!! we're so glad you stumbled upon it!!! our site will be back in the saddle sooooon!!! and we'll be opening our FIRST evER store this summer!! (have you read our 'if you build it...' blog)??
    see ya down the blacktop!!! XOXOXOX!
    happy trails from us to you!!!!

    ps. you can get the episodes on itunes ($1.99) ;)

    1. I don't know if I was more excited that you found my blog and commented or that you acknowledged our long list sisterhood!! So very exciting! Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

      I'm going to do a few more posts about you all (or should I say ya'll), not just because we're sisters, but because I love your style. In fact, I've decided to decorate my bedroom Junk Gypsy style this summer. I'll do a series of posts on the re-do. I hope you'll follow along. I'd love to have you check it out!

      I'm so glad the store is back up and running. I have been scouring for new purchases. :)

      xoxoxo, Jen

      PS: I'm already making plans to visit the store (aka: reconnect with my sisters) and make it to the next Junk-o-Rama Prom!

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