Thursday, June 28, 2012

A few weeks ago I was introduced, and immediately addicted, to the HGTV show, Junk Gypsies.  I did a post about them, their show, and how we are long lost sisters.  Yep, long-lost sisters.  

Since finding them, I'm hopelessly addicted to their style.  I've not missed a single episode of their show.  I constantly read their blog and can't stop surfing their store site.  You see, this is not me just dreaming (although I'd die a million creative dreams for them to decorate any part of my house). Back on track.  All this surfing and watching isn't a waste of time.  It has me totally and completely inspired!  

When I moved into my rental house last August (aka: a long, long time ago), I started gathering things to decorate my bedroom.  I've bought the paint, gotten some fabric, and some how need to incorporate the beautifully ugly green chair that I adore (read more about that here).  I haven't done anything with them...until now.  

You can tell by the pictures below I've got the starts to a similar eclectic style.  But now that I've been inspired I'm going to take the project over the top. I'm going to spend this summer decorating my bedroom in true Junk Gypsy fashion and I'm taking you all along for the ride!

As a refresher, I have bought a light, but a little bright, aqua paint (that I have yet to put on the walls).

I have this chair.

I have these fabrics.

There's also the vanity I recently refinished.

Now that I've got the inspiration/motivation/mojo to take on my master bedroom, I've picked up some bargains this past week.  You all know I love a bargain!

This decorative pillow was normally $30, but was picked up at Pier 1 for $9.98.  

The pillow was marked down because the end had some lace damage.  Nothing a little stitchery can't fix.

I also found some sample paint pots from Ace Hardware marked down from $3.99 to $1.50.   
As I was picking out colors I asked myself what on earth I would use these paint pots for.  Self told me not to worry one bit because I could definitely find some Junk Gypsy-like use for them.

Now, I just need to figure out how to work in some more spontaneity (maybe I'll add in a little of my tattoo style embroidery), some reclaimed items (like the hutch my parents bought when they got married in the early 70's that I'm going to paint some fun color), and some kind of glittered project to add a little or a lot of pizzazz (because some days just call for fancy)! 

Stay tuned and buckle in because it's going to be a fun ride.

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  1. love the chair! I bought myself a nice, ugly green chair back in highschool- it's still in my room at my parents' house!

  2. JEN . . . you have got a GREAT START! now let the jUnkifying begin! LOVE the chair. . LOVE the fabrics! may the force be with you . . . much love from TEXAS. . your sisters in crime, the junk gypsies


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