Monday, June 18, 2012

It's not Confessional Friday, but I must fess up.  I told a little while lie last week in my "Self Painted Pottery Anyone? Anyone?" post.  It was a minor little detail, so I don't think it really counts, but I am always honest with you all so here goes...

I said I went to paint pottery with my cousin, Ashley.  I really went to go paint pottery with Sis.  I couldn't say that for fear her Father's Day gifts she made would be found out.  So, now that you know the truth, I can share her treasures with you!

Creativity does run in my family, but it seems to have skipped Sis.  She would be the first to agree with me on this one so I'm not being mean.  She loves to embroider and crochet, etc, but she gets overwhelmed with things like what to paint on the pottery and that kind of thing.  Sis took a deep breath and dove into the creative world with a bang.  She knew she wanted to paint something for Papa and something for her husband, Chris, for Father's Day gifts, but that's all she knew.  Sis decided on a big mug for Papa and a plate for Chris to use when he grills and decided to go with hand prints on both.  

She put Grant's hand prints on the sides so
it would look like Grant was handing Grampa
his mug.  Then she signed it with Papa's
nickname for Grant, Baby Buck.

She went with some simple writing and tried
to make it look more like Grant was painting
the mug.  I think she nailed it..

Sis let Grant paint the inside. He was a natural!

This is the plate for Chris.  He loved it. 

They turned out great!  Both men loved their gifts from the lil dude.  

To be perfectly honest, I was a little apprehensive about Grant being there because I wasn't sure how long he would last and I knew my piece was going to take considerable time.  Selfish, I know, but that little angel did so well!  Jessica, from Color Me Mine, was so great.  She helped get his hand prints on the pieces and even carried him around for a little while.  He didn't start to get fussy until the end.  And by the end, I mean 2 hours later.  Yep, he made it over TWO HOURS.  
After a little guidance from his mom, Grant took
to painting like a natural. Not bad for a 14 month old!

he really gave it some gusto.  Way to go, lil dude!

He even entertained himself with the chalkboard wall for a while.

Sheesh, girls, are you done yet?!

I now feel better about getting that little confession off my chest.  Sorry for the fib,  but it was for a good cause, right?  Happy Monday, folks!



  1. Grant (and that grilling plate) are ADORABLE.

    1. I would agree, but I am a bit partial. And I'll pass along the compliment on the plate too. For a non-creative gal, she did a great job and was pretty damn proud of that plate. It turned out great.


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