Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back at the end of May I committed to making 5 of the recipes I taunted you with that I'd found on Pinterest.  So far I've made 2 of them (see my 2 Recipes Down post).  All us math whizzes out there know that leaves me 3 to go.  How are there only 11 more days left in the month?!

I was heavy on dessert recipes in the original post, but haven't had the opportunity to bake for others.  Lord knows I don't need to make a huge batch of baked goods to eat solo.  I've also been lured by some new recipes...so...I'm going to make some substitutions in the challenge line-up.  

The beauty of doing your own Pinterest Challenge is that you make the rules.  I'm still going to make 5 recipes this month, but they may venture off the path of the original ideas.  Sound good?  Hope so because it's happening.  Hop on board.  (Can you tell I'm feeling a little sassy today?)

Tomorrow I'm having one of my nearest and dearest girl friends, Lauren (aka: Baby Girl) over after work for what I've dubbed "Sips and Nibbles."  She's bringing the sips and I'm providing the nibbles.  Together we'll provide hours of delightful conversation, belly laughs and maybe a little productivity on a project we've been mulling around.  The last is a maybe given the first two.  

On the menu are two new recipes for the recipe challenge.  
I'm going to attempt...

Pinned Image


(really it's Easy Pizza ROLLS but we're going 
with a ball theme, don't judge.)
Love how simple this is... pizza bites.

These are all going in the oven tomorrow evening.  I'll be sure to update you later this week with the every important opinions of Lauren and myself.

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    1. You'd fit right in. Also, playing on Pandora right now is "to the window, to the walls, til the..." well, let's just say there are balls involved in these lyrics. Sometimes Pandora's timing is impeccable.


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