Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My blogging friend, Cynthia, over @ Oh So Pinteresting, does very well written features on bloggers who take Pinterest off the boards and into real life.  How do I know this?  Because she did a feature on me last month!  It's also a fun way to see people's take on things to see how they put their own spin on things.

I too am inspired by people who actually do the things they pin so I'm going to start doing mini highlights.  My first Pinterest Highlight is my friend, Breanne.

Breanne and I go back almost 30 years.  Can you believe that, Bre?!  I don't know about you, but like to think it's only been 20 years.  Breanne is a 30-something stay at home mom of an adorable little boy, Luke, and her beautiful teenage daughter, Kailey, and wife to her husband, Ryan.

Aren't they a beautiful family?
PS: Breanne hasn't aged one bit since high school!

Breanne's Pinterest project was a gift for Ryan for Father's day.  The post she was inspired by was this photo project:

Pinned Image 

Try as she might, she could not find a blog or website this project linked back to, but that didn't stop her from doing her own take on the project.  

The original picture looks like it has thick wooden or paper mache letters, but like me, Breanne likes to do things cheaper and easier.  She cut the letters out of cardboard, diaper.com boxes to be exact (great way to recycle!).  Then she raided her daughter's scrapbook paper supply and found a couple of different plaids.  After that, she simply Modge Podged the paper onto the letters. This was her first venture into the world of Modge Podge.  I'd give her an A+.  

Once the letters were dry, she took Luke outside for a mini photo shoot.  Breanne said she "took a bunch with all 3 letters and then tons with the individual letters.  It would also be cute if you had 3 kids and had them all hold a different letter."  Check out her handy work:

How precious!
Both versions turned out fantastic.
What a great gift idea.  I'm sure Ryan loved it too.  Breanne said, "It was so much fun and I think Luke enjoyed the photo shoot."  From the looks of the pictures, I'd say she's right!  What a cutie.  

If you'd like to follow Breanne on Pinterest, you can find her here.  You can also find me here.  

(Thanks for being my first highlight, Bre! Who would have thought in 1st grade we'd still be in touch, in different states, connected by the internet?  Crazy!)

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  1. Love staying in touch through the Internet. Thank you for sharing my project. I can't wait to do another.

    1. You are most welcome! It's already gotten some pins and this post has gotten a lot of views. Thanks again, Bre!

  2. Cute project and what a handsome little guy!
    I really like how Breanne took the inspiration and gave it a twist to make it her own.

    1. Didn't she do a great job...on the project and on making that adorable lil boy?! Thanks for stopping in, Cynthia!

  3. I LOVE this so much!!!! I wanna make one

    1. Isn't it cute? I love that she did it on the cheap. My kinda girl!


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