Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seriously, guys, I have a problem.  Have you ever heard the saying, "Why get off in Chicago if you're going to Boston?"  That phrase has been applied to many wild nights, but today it applies to my new tomato and pepper plant hobby (aka: obsession).

If you're a regular reader you know I am excited about Rita,
my roma tomato plant, having a few little ol' tomatoes on it.

There are now 4 lil ol' maters on Rita.

How should one proceed after successfully getting 4 tomatoes on her first ever tomato plant? By getting 3 more tomato plants and 3 pepper plants, of course.  See, why get off in Chicago if you're going to Boston, right?  

While at Grand Lake last weekend we stopped at a nursery where they had all of their vegetable plants on sale for $0.75 each.  I got all 6 plants for $4.50.  What a deal?!

Wrong. My bargain-high came to a sober end when I had to buy 6 pots, 2 bags of soil & 5 cages. I did get all of that for $30, but not quite the $4.50 bargain I started with.

These are the 3 pepper plants.  Do you notice they all have peppers already growing?
Some might call that cheating.  I call it picking healthy plants!
These are the 3 tomato plants. Only one already has a tomato on it but they all have blossoms. 

Do I stop there? Nope. Come on now, you should know me better than that by now. When I went to Lowe's at lunch to get the cages I found one more pepper plant. Yep, another one. I went from one roma tomato plant to 8 tomato & pepper plants in all.  

I am now officially on plant restriction.  For reals.



  1. lmao, girl. I'm plant addicted too! You should see my backyard! I can't even allow myself to step foot in those plant stores!!

    1. The crazy thing is that I don't even really like tomatoes!

  2. this is cute, though I can't say I understand your obsession, but that might be because when I was younger my dad literally covered our (giant, country) backyard with vegetable plants that needed picking. THE BEAN PLANTS WERE THE WORST.

    1. At least I'm addicted to tomato/pepper plants and not crack, right? The crazy thing is that I don't even really like tomatoes. Go figure.

    2. Also, after reading some of the posts about your parents, I can't imagine how funny the farming stories must have been.

  3. Lol, im not a fan of plants but you make this sound so interesting! I might just try


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