Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Management, over at A Prince and Prozac
has requested more critter posts.  

My readers ask and my readers receive.  
I'm a giver like that.  

This morning, while I was taking pictures of my latest tea towels, Little Miss Luna got in the way of the camera.  She's always up in my business.  Always has to be in the middle of whatever is going on.  So, I figured, if she wants to get in the way she's going to get her picture taken.  Little did I know she was going to play along. She likes to keep me on my toes.  

Here you have our photo shoot.

Those were all taken back to back.  She knows how to "work it."

I didn't want to play favorites, so I got the other two in on the act.  

Lili, as usual, wanted nothing to do with my shenanigans.

Larry was a bit on the sleepy side, but humored me.
This last picture is one of my favorite pictures of Larry ever.  
He's such a sweet old boy.  

There you have it, Management, more critters 
(proving they're not always whores).
The Olympics + 110* heat = 
a very productive weekend making more tea towels.

My behind was firmly planted on the couch, in front of the Olympics, most of Sunday embroidering and trying to stay cool.  

I was able to finish THREE more towels!  

Then I eeked another one last night.  
I love me some sugar skulls.

I've been a machine.  These four bring the total to 15 towels this month and I hope to finish one last one tonight.  Fingers crossed.

If you're not a follower yet, you should be because in the next week or two I'll be doing a giveaway with some of these fine towels as the prizes (They're not all skulls, I promise).  You wouldn't want to miss that, would you?!

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towel posts, you can find them here:

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tonight I'm linking up with Erin, one of my all time favorite bloggers of all time, over at Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink, for her Photo 411 link-up.  

She's given us 10 different items to add pictures to and I'm accepting the challenge.  Here goes..

1. Your Little Tyke Self
I was too cute a kid to just give you one picture, 
so I gathered up a few old school pics.

2. Your High School Self
See, I'm a giver. She asked for one and I give you a door full!  The only high school picture I could find was in this picture. For my 30th birthday fiesta, we covered the door with pictures of me growing up.  The bottom right picture is my freshman high school picture. Based on that pic, you'd never know I'd end up being a short hair girl.

3. Your College Self
Since my college self is my now self, I'm going to substitute a gem of a picture I found when I found the picture for #2.  It's a pic from my 30th birthday party.  I always wear a tiara, but my friends made me wear the crazy birthday fuzzy hat too. You're welcome.

4. Your Right Now Self
This was me just last week making guppy face.

5.  Your Furry Friend
I have three critters.  On rare occasions they tolerate each other and I can get one picture of all three.

6. Your Manly Friend
 (boyfriend, husband, bff, celeb crush, etc)
I'm going to post a pic of my bestie.  If anyone on earth knows most of my secrets, it's Bill.  We really are a lot of fun.  

7. Where You Once Lived
This is the house I grew up in near Seattle, WA.  My bedroom was the right window above the garage.

8. Where You Now Live
Isn't she a beaut?

9.  What You Love
I ADORE being an auntie to these lil buttons.

10. What You Miss
More than anything in the whole wide world, I miss my mom.  She was my best friend, my mentor, my mom, my everything. She taught me to love, to laugh and to cherish! I love you, mama.

Now, go check out Erin's blog and get to know 
some other bloggers with their photos.  
Have you ever been to Cheddar's?
If you haven't, you're missing out. 
If you haven't had their Baked Spasagna, 
then you're REALLY not living life.
Baked Spasagna is basically a cheesy baked spaghetti.  

If you recall, last week I swore I was not going to cook.  With the 105*+ temps we've had, I didn't want the kitchen heating up the whole house.  I made it 10 days without turning the stove or oven on thanks to PB&J and Lucky Charms.  Not together.  That's gross.  

Yesterday I finally decided to actually cook.  That's where the Spasagna comes in.  The Country Cook has a copycat version of Cheddar's Baked Spasagna I was dying to try.  
Doesn't that look yummy?  I can tell you, it is.  I followed 98% of her recipe.  The only thing I did differently was to put it back in the oven for about 10 minutes after adding the red sauce on top.  I will certainly make this again.  

While I was printing the Spasagna recipe, I happened upon The Country Cook's Oreo Pudding Poke Cake recipe.  If I was going to turn the oven on for one, I may as well leave it on a little longer to bake a cake, right?
This one was good, but not OMG good.  If I make it again, I think I'd try whole milk with the pudding instead of the 2% I used yesterday.  

I'd definitely try more of her recipes.  
You can find her complete recipe index here.

So, there you have it.  I cooked.  I actually cooked!  And now that I have leftovers, I don't have to do it again for a couple more days.  Woowhoo!  

What did you cook up this weekend?

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Farmers Market and Shopping and Lunch, Oh My!,
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As per the usual, Sis and I set out to simply 
go to the Cherry Street Farmers Market  Saturday 
morning and we ended up being out for hours.  Go figure.  

We decided to go to the market early, before it got too hot.  Clearly 8:30am was not early enough to reach that goal because we sweated like whores in church.  Poor lil Grant got out of his stroller soaking wet.  There's nothing like running into former students while you're wiping sweat off your face.  Enough about sweat, right?  
You get the idea.  It was HOT.
We had a great time at the market.  I was a bad blogger and didn't get actual pics at the market, but I did get a picture of my loot afterwards so that helps.  I spent a whopping $14.10 and this is what I walked away with.
New potatoes ($3), white onions ($2), jam ($2.50), spices ($6.60)
I was so excited when I saw the jelly/jam vendor because she had Sand Plum jelly.  You see, when sis and I were little, we would spend summers with our grandma in Kansas making all kinds of jellies.  Sand Plum was always my favorite.  A childhood memory is well worth $2.50.  I'm going to chop and freeze the onion so I have chopped onion on hand for a while.  And the spices?  Well, one is for me and one is for a gift.  I think I'll try a new Pinterest recipe with the potatoes.  

Since we were in the area we went to Pottery Barn to pick up a wedding registry for a friend of mine.  Grant learned there are A LOT of things in life he cannot touch.  That list includes most everything at Pottery Barn.  Then we went to a couple of kids' consignment stores.  Sis got Grant several things for just a couple of bucks.  He was so excited, he pulled things out of the bag next to him while we were on our way to lunch.  
We hit up Red Robin for lunch where Grant helped me blow on my fries because they were hot.  Check out this adorable video of his sneaky trick.  He cracks me up.
My favorite Red Robin tip: You can order any burger in a petite form.  You get all the same fixings on a smaller burger and save a buck or two.  Good tip, right?!

After a very nutritious lunch of burgers and fries, 
we took the boy to his first Cherry Berry experience.  
Ok, so we wanted frozen yogurt, he benefited.  
I think we wore him out.  What do you think?
Look at that sweet boy!  

It's been almost 10 years since Sis and I lived in the same state, let alone same city, so I'm taking full advantage of making new memories with them.  

Other than this outing, I spent most of my weekend watching the Olympics and working on my embroidery challenge.  More details on that later.  

If you missed this weekend's post, Pinterest Highlight: Ashley H's Menu Board, you can check it out here.  

Thanks for stopping in! I adore each 
and every one of you that stop by.
Mingle 240

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I first met Ashley H. three years ago when she wandered into the law school I work at as a new student.  Even in a crowd of 130 students, Ashley stood out with her crazy, happy, fun, silly, (sometimes inappropriate) personality. We bonded over our mutual love of inappropriate rap music and beautiful men like Shamar Moore.  Ashley is a wife and mother to a lot of dogs.  I think she'd adopt all the stray dogs in the world if her husband would let her.  She may come across as silly most of the time, but she's got more degrees than most, just finished her law degree, took the bar exam and is rocking life in general.

There are two sides to Ashely.
There's the serious, spiritual, responsible side.
The other side of Miss Ashley is a little more like this.
She's nuts and I love every bit of it.

I guess taking the bar exam wasn't enough for Ashley last week, 
she also put together the menu board she pinned many months ago.  
RobbyGurl's Creations is the original mastermind behind the menu board.  You can find all of her printables and tutorials here.

These are the finished images of Ashley's menu board.

Pretty damn impressive, right?!  She proves once again, 
she's not just another pretty face.

Ashley said she followed RobbyGurl's tutorial to the letter for constructing the board, "however I used all new recipes because she is a hardcore carnivore, so my board is vegetarian with some vegan mixed in."  She got almost all of her recipes from Pinterest as well.  You can find over 250 of Ashley's recipe pins here.  "After eating three years of the same crap in law school, I wanted to give my brain some cooking challenges and my taste buds some new experiences because Morning Star will only bring so much excitement."  

If you'd like to follow Ashley in Pinterest, you can find her here.

Have you tackled a menu board for your household?  
Feel free to share links to your projects in the comments below.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Who is ready for the Olympics?
This girl!
Pineapple Upside Down Cocktail
1 shot Wedding Cake Vodka
Then fill the rest of the glass with 
1/2 cherry soda
1/2 pineapple juice

It's delicious!

Now, tune in to NBC and watch the opening ceremonies!
Yesterday I posted about "Halloween in July?"  
Today, I happened upon this picture I just had to share with you.
So damn hard.
It's soooooo true!  I want it to be Halloween NOW!  
I normally don't like the "Keep Calm and..." posters, 
but this one was just so perfect not to share.

Happy Friday, y'all!
(Yes, I'm so excited it's almost the weekend I tossed in a y'all.)
Another one bites the dust.  Eviction night!  
I'm going with the random thoughts format again so let's get started.

  • Letting Danielle figure it out on her own went a little too far? You DID abandon her, Dan!
  • Ian calling Jojo the Staten Island Ferry was awesome.  It also shows he's a Jersey Shore fan, not just a BB fan.
  • Ashley, emancipated is not the same as emaciated. Ugh.
  • I didn't think Danielle had the manipulation in her. I was wrong. Getting the whole house to turn on Jojo for the showmance you were about to get into...Go, Danielle, go!
  • Britney's impression of Jojo was PRICELESS!
  • The speeches gave away who the house was voting for.  If you're going to be a total d-bag in your speech, you know you're headed out the door.
  • Did that one little pebble Danielle cast really cause the ripple of an almost unanimous eviction??
  • HOH: Another upset. I love the flip flop of power in the house so far this season.
  • Shane's hair is mystery.  Does he really think this looks good?

  • I have no idea how I feel about America's Vote asking us if the coaches should join the game.  Should they?  Shouldn't they?  What do you think?!!

What did you think of the eviction episode last night?  Have you picked a front runner?

On a side note, notice the storm map of Oklahoma in the picture of Shane above?  Could they not put it in the lower portion of the screen?!  Here are a couple of screen shots that made watching a little annoying last night.

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