Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm writing this from the comfort of my couch.  I'm able to move my fingers and that's about it.  Who knew a body could hurt so made from stepping and reaching and moving and lifting.  Ugh.  But, now that I got the whining out of the way...MY KITCHEN LOOKS AMAZING!

Before I share the makeover, I have to show you what I was dealing with.  The previous owners painted the kitchen a burgundy wine color.  Alone, not so bad.  With cherry wood cabinets, horrible!  See for yourself.
This picture doesn't really do the wine color justice.
This picture does it a bit more justice. 

Back in September I bought a gallon of Olympic ONE paint from Lowe's on sale for $20. 
I've never painted with a paint & primer in one type paint before, but I knew I needed something strong to paint over the offensively strong wine colored walls.  This paint comes highly recommended by lil' ol' me and was worth every single penny.

I've never been a fan of white or cream paint.  It's so boring and I'm not a boring kind of gal.  You should know this by now.  I thought and thought and thought and thought and looked at a million paint chips before settling on Glazed Pear by Olympic.  You see, all of my kitchen accents from my previous abodes are red and I needed to work with the cherry cabinets.  This left me thinking I should go with something neutral to tone down all the reddish tones.  Besides, I was tired of it being so stinking dark all the time.  Bright was just what the doctor ordered.

Here's a look at the paint in action.  
Around the light switch is one coat.  To the left and on top is a second coat.  Impressive, right?

Well, after about 10 hours of painting, 7 of which was probably spent cutting in.  I kept telling myself it would be worth it when it was done.  I was right!  I even dug out some things to hang on the wall.  
Check out the "after" pics.
See, now the red accents don't seem
so out of place!
Quite a change, right!
It's so much lighter and brighter. I opted not to
rehang the previous shades to let even more light in.

You can tell I'm in love with my handy work, 
but what do you think?  

PS: A big thank you to Sis! She brought Grant over after she got off work to help paint, motivate me to finish the job, keep me company, provide a lot of giggles, and help hang the pictures.  She's a rock star! 
Love you, Sis!

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  1. It's so much brighter! I love it! I also love that stained glass little bit in the one window!

    1. Thanks, love! It really is so much brighter. I LOVE IT!

  2. Isn't it great what a little paint can do?

    We just redid our hall bath. When we moved in it was Colgate toothpaste AQUA blue. Oh yea. It's been white for the last 2 years and now it's a nice cream. I know, so adventurous with the color choices, but we hope to sell soon!

    Your kitchen looks great!

    1. I'm not one to normally go for the plain colors so this was going out on a limb for me. I'm usually all over the colors! LOL. Thank you and thanks for stopping in!

  3. It is so much lighter! I really like it! I also adore that discolored glass tiny bit in the one home window! http://surfaceco.uk


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