Monday, July 16, 2012

Last Thursday was my brother-in-law's birthday.  
I had a chance to skip out of the office a little 
early so I thought I'd treat Chris to some 
kid-free time on his birthday.  

Let's face was purely for selfish reasons...I got an afternoon with Grant all to myself!  
These are the times I dreamed of when Sis first said she was relocating to Tulsa.  

Here is our adventure in pictures...
First stop, mommy's office to surprise her
and take a spin in her chair.
Then a tour of Auntie Sissy's office to meet
all the ladies who quickly put him to work.
Everybody adored him, of course!
When we left we started to jam out to some
good tunes...that is...until Grant made it clear
he was NOT a fan of the song OR my singing!!
I was crushed (but couldn't hold back the giggles).
We spotted a "People of Walmart" woman with
her bra fully exposed and bursting out the top of
her strapless maxi dress.  We didn't get it. Do you?!
Then we went into the dressing room where I tried on
bathing suits while Grant amused himself with the
three way mirror. He was fascinated.
Then came the major or blue?
I couldn't decide so I let Grant choose.
He went right for the blue one.  Blue it is!
Then we had a little mid-afternoon
snack on the go.
And last on the agenda was...
Seriously, look at all the cuteness wrapped
up in one sweet little boy!
After we dried ourselves off and cleaned up, we swung by and picked up Sis and Chris for his birthday dinner at Full Moon Cafe.  Grant entertained himself by making the purple onions into bracelets.  
I wonder what fun we can get into on our next date?!

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  1. onion bracelets.... amazing. I love this kid.

    1. He is pretty awesome. If only all kids were as fun and easy as him...I'd probably have some by now, but I'm onto their reindeer can't trick me.


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