Monday, July 16, 2012

You say Redneck, we say Resourceful.  Let's just set the stage with that statement right off the bat.  

Our aunt very thoughtfully and generously sent us a pool.  She really sent it for Grant, but he's too little to swim alone, right?  

Step one:  call the landlord to make sure he's ok with me killing the grass by setting this thing up in my back yard.  Sis lives in a duplex with most of the yard being front yard on a busy corner.  That was a no go.  So I called Bill to see if my place was ok.  He couldn't stop laughing.  He said the next you know we'd be building a diving board off the storage shed and a rope swing off the pecan tree.  I told him he shouldn't give me ideas because I'd also build steps out of pallets if he wasn't careful!

Step two:  Spread the pool out and blow up the ring.

Step three: realize the spot you chose isn't at all level, drain the water and move the pool.

Step four:  start filling the pool in the second spot while hoping this is the spot because it's so hot you want nothing more than to be IN the pool, not standing next to it sweating.

Step five:  decide to put your suits on, get some tunes cranking and get some cold drinks ready while you sit in the pool while it's filling up because you don't want to wait any more!

Step six: make complete fools of yourselves while you wait for the pool to fill up.

Step seven:  get the pool half way filled before it starts to collapse because it's not on level ground there either and have to drain all that water too before moving it to a third location.  Sis asked me to lift the edge so the water would drain faster.  Little did I know, she'd moved and I wasn't doing much good at all under there.

Step eight: move the pool to the third location and add one adorable little boy to the mix.

Step nine: make a redneck (resourceful) life preserver with a pool noodle.

Step ten:  entertain yourself with a redneck (resourceful) fountain using a pool noodle.

Step eleven: pause to hydrate.

Step twelve: let Grant man the hose for a while.

Step thirteen:  realize the pool is STILL NOT LEVEL and get redneck (resourceful) by wrapping pavers in towels to shove under one edge of the pool to attempt to level it out.  It worked like a champ!

Step fourteen:  after spending hours in the pool (mostly fill time) use a tarp, twine and more pavers to cover the pool and hold the cover down.

Even our misadventures are adventures!  We all, especially the lil dude, had a great time.  We called Aunt Josie with a special thank you message after we'd toweled off.  

PS:  Sis is in most of these pics because she didn't trust herself to hold her phone over the pool while using it to take pics so I had to do all the photography.

Can't wait to spend another evening cooling off from these god awful temps!

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  1. You are HILARIOUS! Love love love your blog! So glad I found you on Mingle Monday!!

  2. Bwaaaahahaha this looks fantastic, Jen! Love your creativity!

    Found you via Mingle Monday!


    1. Thanks and thanks for stopping in, Sarah!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm working on my BB14 post now. Check back tomorrow. I'd love your input. Oh, and thanks for the follow!

  4. The best part of this entire thing is that in the picture of you there's a rubber duck photo-bombing. That and your bad-ass tat.

    1. I'm bad-ass from my tats to my tea towels. That's how I roll. Oh, and thanks for noticing the duck. I hadn't even seen it yet. LOL

  5. Hahaha i loved this post! So funny but glad u guys had fun!!

    1. Thanks, girly! So glad to have you back in the fold. :)

  6. Hahahaha you just stop this. This is hysterical.

    1. There is no stopping this level of hysterical that is my life. You're welcome.


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