Tuesday, July 17, 2012

As we established in last week's post, I'm hopelessly addicted to Big Brother.  No shame.  In fact, my friend Bill and I went to On the Border to watch the premier.  We got the bartender to put it on the big screen, turn off the music and turn up the tv.  We naturally ooze fun and ended up having non-BB fans cheering during the HOH competition too.  That may have been more the tiny shorts the girls were wearing and less us and our margarita drinking selves, but we'll still take the credit.

I had high hopes for the new season having a good twist, because we all know there will be a twist.  This season, the 4 returning house guests are coaching the 12 new peeps.  This seemed like a good idea at first.  I was anxious to see how the coaches would fit in the house.  Where would they sleep, etc? 

Well, I hate to admit it, but I am not all that fond of the twist.  I take that back, I don't mind the twist, I'm not sure about the new powers.  It used to seem like fitting in food competitions, veto, and HOH was a lot to pack into three episodes a week.  Now they're adding in coach competitions too? I really hope the whole thing is not competitions or else there won't be enough coverage of the back stabbing and gossiping.

PS: Dan, if you're going to start throwing competitions this early in the game, make it more believable.

Coaches, you were soooo predictable.  Boys vs. Girls?  Duh.  That being said, Britney and Janelle together makes a lot of sense, but I think Britney is making the same mistake she did on her last season by getting wrapped up with someone else's game.  Last time she did it with a guy and this time she's doing it with Janelle who will surely eat her alive by the time the game is through.  I love Britney in the house, but she's not the best a game play.  

Not sad to see Jodi go.
For someone who bragged about marathons and spin classes, she certainly didn't show the stamina to complete the challenge.  Besides, someone needed to get home and take care of those 5 step-kids at home.

I was so disappointed Mike Boogie saved Ian.
I know he was the obvious choice for Mike to use his new coach super power on, but the kid is weird.  Not in a good game play kind of weird.  Just weird.  He lays under a bench in the middle of the night in his boxers?  He farts in the dining room and then has a conversation with himself about it?  Coocoocachoo!  The boy needs to GO. G. O. GO.

Willie was a roller coaster ride for me.
I don't know if he's an evil genius like his brother or an ass-hat.  He denied being Russel's brother and then he admitted he was Russel's brother.  I get that he wanted to hold it back, but either lie about it or don't, but this back and forth doesn't win you points with your housemates.  Anyway, he totally surprised me with how he played Frank.  I was not expecting his nominations.

Boy howdy, I would NOT want to be a have not this season.  That bedroom looks horrible!
Those beds could be doable if they didn't have the diamond plating on them.  And those walls would make me sick.  AWFUL!

I don't have any favorites just yet.  Let's see how the rest of the first week shakes out tomorrow night before I pick anybody.  

That's about all I can think of right now.  How do the rest of you fans feel about the twists and players right off the bat?



  1. I agree w/pretty much all of your post. Ian is definitely Asperger's & will go shortly, IMO. I think Willie's nominees were actually well thought out from a game stand point but it will make him a target. He should never have made the deal w/Frank & then nominated him thus early. Bad move!

    1. I completely agree. I think nominating Frank was a great plan, but I think making the deal and then putting him up anyway was a stupid move.

  2. I thought the nominations were surprising in a good way - I was sort of impressed. I think he seems like a jerk off but I think part of me just hates that not only have they ruined survivor with russell but now they are trying to ruin big brother with some hantz dna. i dont like that. stay away from my tv shows, hantz clan!

    1. I think he's got a lot of work ahead of him winning people over. Thanks for stopping in and adding your two cents!

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  4. I was sad to see Jodi go. We didn't even really get to see what she could do. I am NOT a fan of this twists. It kind of formed alliances for the house guests and didn't let them make their own relationships. I don't have any leading favorites yet. I might just get behind Ian, just because he's strange lol


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