Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh boy! Was last night crazy, or what?  Has Willie lost his mind?!  First, he betrays his coach.  Then he gets the house paranoid about the coaches coming back.  THEN he flies off the handle at Frank.  THEN arguing with Mike Boogie in front of everyone. Has he lost his ever loving mind? He's bat poo crazy.  The man has NO game.  

Frank's speech sounded like an after school anti-bullying special.  Kara's was an actual speech for votes.  His speech worked.  Her speech did not.  Really though, I think she was just the victim of a bigger battle in the house.  Sometimes laying low bites you in the ass.  Julie hit the nail on the head, being quite and shy didn't quite work for her.

Ugh, goodbye messages from people who only knew her for a week?  So superficial and meaningless because they don't know each other yet.

Personally, I think keeping Frank in the game will make game play more exciting.  

Willie's expression when the HOH competition narrowed down to Wil and Frank was priceless.
Bahahahaha.  It's too early for me to choose a team or a player.  At this point I live for shake-ups like the one that happened last night.  Willie had all the power and Frank had one foot out the door.  By the end of the night, Frank was HOH and Willie was squirming.  SHAKE IT UP, BB!

What do you all think about the new coach power, being able to trade players?! I bet Britney will be gunning for that power!

What did you think about last night's live show?

PS: Julie has a great figure.  Last night's dress was fine from the side but unflattering from the front.  She hasn't warn a dress like that since she was pregnant a few seasons back and wore that snuggie dress.  Remember this?
I found this little gem in my Facebook mobile uploads archive.  You're welcome.

Check out last night's Olympics post before you check out for the weekend.  



  1. I love last night! I think Britney showed some good insight & I think she is absolutely right about the coaches coming into the game as individual players at some point. Remember there are supposed to be 4 big twists this season. I thought Kara's speech was blah. Just your typical BB "please save me" speech. At least Frank made it a little tongue-in-cheek-ish. I am NOT a Boogie fan but I think Frank is a good player & I liked the way Boogie went to bat for him w/o making a bigger target out of him. I can't believe the players aren't remembering what a b!tch Janelle can be & what a beast she is in competitions. They need to watch out for her!!

  2. This episode was full of excitement. I completely agree with Unknown and that the coaches will be in the game eventually. I personally don’t like Boogie, but Frank is a good player. Too bad, he cannot be traded in the coach’s competition, so a different coach can take him. I missed the live eviction last night, so I watched it this morning on my PrimeTime Anytime this morning before heading to work at Dish. I got to enable the Auto Hop feature, so I was able to skip the commercials and I had 20 minutes still to spare. I am sure this week Willie will be on the chopping block.

  3. I don't know what Willie was doing. That whole house meeting thing was absurd!


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