Friday, July 27, 2012

Another one bites the dust.  Eviction night!  
I'm going with the random thoughts format again so let's get started.

  • Letting Danielle figure it out on her own went a little too far? You DID abandon her, Dan!
  • Ian calling Jojo the Staten Island Ferry was awesome.  It also shows he's a Jersey Shore fan, not just a BB fan.
  • Ashley, emancipated is not the same as emaciated. Ugh.
  • I didn't think Danielle had the manipulation in her. I was wrong. Getting the whole house to turn on Jojo for the showmance you were about to get into...Go, Danielle, go!
  • Britney's impression of Jojo was PRICELESS!
  • The speeches gave away who the house was voting for.  If you're going to be a total d-bag in your speech, you know you're headed out the door.
  • Did that one little pebble Danielle cast really cause the ripple of an almost unanimous eviction??
  • HOH: Another upset. I love the flip flop of power in the house so far this season.
  • Shane's hair is mystery.  Does he really think this looks good?

  • I have no idea how I feel about America's Vote asking us if the coaches should join the game.  Should they?  Shouldn't they?  What do you think?!!

What did you think of the eviction episode last night?  Have you picked a front runner?

On a side note, notice the storm map of Oklahoma in the picture of Shane above?  Could they not put it in the lower portion of the screen?!  Here are a couple of screen shots that made watching a little annoying last night.

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