Thursday, July 26, 2012

Instead of a big write up for last night's show, I'm going to give you a list of random thoughts I had while watching the show.

  • I like Ian's confidence, but seriously, like he could really break up the fight between Willie and Joe.  He couldn't break up a cat fight.  By that, I don't mean two women, I actually mean two sweet, fuzzy, little kittens.  (via)
  • Wasn't Janelle trashing Mike Boogie all last week and now she's working with him?  Pick a person, Janelle.  She may get the nick name Flip Flop.
  • All these plans to backdoor people...I think it's lame and a cop out.  For reals.
  • At least Frank has honesty going for him, right?  He sure laid a big ol' helping of truth on Jojo.  
  • There is one benefit to vets coaching that has been a wee bit intriguing...we get to see them verbalize the strategies they normally keep to themselves.
  • Ashley's list of what she wants in a man is just about 60 seconds of my life I'll never get back.  Thanks, BB.  (via)
  • Production is getting crazy up in here! They are going all out on the costumes.  The hammer pants from the coaching competition were nuts and last night's chips were baffling.  The costume department is out of control. (via)
  • Dan seems to have checked out this season.  He's constantly throwing competitions and now he's leaving Danielle high and dry.  Dan, talking to yourself/us in the diary room does not count as game play.  Lame, Dan.  Lame.
  • And finally, the whole Danielle crying segment was pitiful...not because she was crying, but because she walked all the way through the house to the aracade room to cry in private and didn't pick up one tissue along the way.  Your sleeve is not a tissue, sweet pea. 

What did you all think about Wednesday's show?!  How are you liking the twists?


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  1. I'm torn on the question of whether or not to let the couches in as regular players in the game. I feel like the coach twist has really hurt some people, forcing them into alliances they wouldn't have been in, and all of that will have been a waste if the coaches join the game.

    I <3 Ian. He said he was a college RA, so I guess that explains his attempt to break up the fight lol


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