Friday, July 20, 2012

We have a little change of pace from spilling our secrets on a Friday.  Instead of her traditional Confessional Friday, Leslie is giving us all a chance to share what we love about our region on the last day of her Celebrating Southern series.

I've lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma (the belly button of the US for those that aren't sure) for almost five years now.  I never in my lifetime thought I'd be living here, but now I can't imagine my life any differently at the moment. Well, of course I could imagine myself rich with houses all over the world, but let's be real here.  For now, Tulsa keeps growing on me for a number of reasons...

I have made THE BEST friends here.  You know true friendship when people help you move in the heat of an Oklahoma summer!  People are very thoughtful in the south.  People help each other out and look out for one another.  

Do these people know how to party!  You name it...cook-outs, holidays, tailgating, any sporting event really, the list goes on and on.  Hell, we even make a good party out of Patio Night!  

Now, I don't like the triple digit temps or the blizzards and ice storms, but I do love the changes in seasons.  I lived in Las Vegas for a few years and missed having the change in Seasons.  Oh, and the storms here are AMAZING.  Well, amazing until someone dies in a tornado, but that's a whole different story.

It doesn't matter what sport you love, there are others who are die hard fans too.  People put their kids in soccer at the age of 2 here!  It's insane.  I love watching the little tykes in their full football gear.  Adorable.  I'm not as much of a college football fan as most around here are, but I do love me some NFL...GO STEELERS!! 

People here make the best food.  You know any dish that starts out with, "This was my granny's recipe for" is going to be a good one.  Mmmmm.  Oh, and fast food, HELLO TACO BUENO!  I hardly ever go to Taco Bell anymore.  Bueno has won me over.  And ice cream?  How did my world exist before Blue Belle? Best Ice Cream Ever.

I was raised calling everyone Mrs and Mr and saying ma'am and sir.  Miss Dyan.  Mr. Jim.  Yes, sir.  No, ma'am.  It's so great to see these manners living on.  Chivalry is NOT dead!

I'm sure we could all think of just as long a list of things we don't like about where we live, but it's nice to focus on the positive.  

What do you love about your neck of the woods?  Hop on over to A Blonde Ambition to see what Leslie loves about living in the south and all the other folks linking up with her today.  



  1. Yay, now I know more about your home! Sounds pretty sweet.

    It's no great white north, though ;)

  2. I do love that we are able to let our inner Southern out living in the Ok and Tx area. We can be tough ladies but also can be sweet and have heaps of "southern Charm". The saying "bless their heart" can mean so many different things depending how you use it.

  3. Visiting you on the blog hop - Cute background!

    Give me a visit some time at ~


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