Thursday, July 19, 2012

Earlier today I posted a recap of last night's family dinner
but I neglected to mention one portion of the evening...
The Battle of the Beasts.  

Papa and LaDonna brought their dog Molly with them on this trip.
Molly is the sweetest rat terrier.  She goes everywhere with them.  
I adore how excited she gets when she sees me. LOVE HER!
That being said, she does not like cats one bit.  
Kinda poses a problem given the fact I have three.

Here's how things went down on a cat by cat basis.

It was a given that Lili would hide the entire time company was here.
She only comes out when it's just me home so it was no surprise to find her hunkered down under the chair in the corner of my bedroom.  She couldn't have gotten to any further place in the house.  
She's a hot mess.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of her hiding in the entertainment center.  She was hiding behind the tv with just her head sticking out a tiny bit.  She finally made a break for it after everyone was gone except Papa and LaDonna.  She promptly ran into my bedroom where she took up perch on the bed staring at the door.  She wouldn't budge and she wouldn't take her eyes off the hallway.  To quote the Dixie Chicks, she was, 
"ready ready ready ready ready to run."

Larry was not relinquishing his role as alpha in the house.  He is the king of his castle.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  He went toe to toe with Molly for a few rounds.  Both gave it their all.  We were able to quickly break them up the first two times, but the last time Molly chased Larry around the house a few times before we could catch them to break them up.  She won that round paws down (sorry, I couldn't help myself).  After sending them to separate corners, Larry finally took up shelter in my bedroom with his sisters.  He laid on the far wall of the room where he could not be ambushed, could make quick escapes, and could see Molly coming from a mile away.  

I guess this settles the argument about whether my cats would ever enjoy adding a dog to the mix.  The answer is a resounding F-NO!

When I went to bed for the night they all came to snuggle with me.  As much as I hated them being scared or agitated, I selfishly enjoyed the snuggles.  Not going to lie about that one bit.  



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  2. Poor Kitties! They did not look happy. On another note, Molly is so cute and reminds me of Louie ,our rat terrier but obviously not as old and a girl. Ok, so the "reminds me" part is just that she is a rat terrier that likes to chase cats.


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