Monday, July 30, 2012

As per the usual, Sis and I set out to simply 
go to the Cherry Street Farmers Market  Saturday 
morning and we ended up being out for hours.  Go figure.  

We decided to go to the market early, before it got too hot.  Clearly 8:30am was not early enough to reach that goal because we sweated like whores in church.  Poor lil Grant got out of his stroller soaking wet.  There's nothing like running into former students while you're wiping sweat off your face.  Enough about sweat, right?  
You get the idea.  It was HOT.
We had a great time at the market.  I was a bad blogger and didn't get actual pics at the market, but I did get a picture of my loot afterwards so that helps.  I spent a whopping $14.10 and this is what I walked away with.
New potatoes ($3), white onions ($2), jam ($2.50), spices ($6.60)
I was so excited when I saw the jelly/jam vendor because she had Sand Plum jelly.  You see, when sis and I were little, we would spend summers with our grandma in Kansas making all kinds of jellies.  Sand Plum was always my favorite.  A childhood memory is well worth $2.50.  I'm going to chop and freeze the onion so I have chopped onion on hand for a while.  And the spices?  Well, one is for me and one is for a gift.  I think I'll try a new Pinterest recipe with the potatoes.  

Since we were in the area we went to Pottery Barn to pick up a wedding registry for a friend of mine.  Grant learned there are A LOT of things in life he cannot touch.  That list includes most everything at Pottery Barn.  Then we went to a couple of kids' consignment stores.  Sis got Grant several things for just a couple of bucks.  He was so excited, he pulled things out of the bag next to him while we were on our way to lunch.  
We hit up Red Robin for lunch where Grant helped me blow on my fries because they were hot.  Check out this adorable video of his sneaky trick.  He cracks me up.
My favorite Red Robin tip: You can order any burger in a petite form.  You get all the same fixings on a smaller burger and save a buck or two.  Good tip, right?!

After a very nutritious lunch of burgers and fries, 
we took the boy to his first Cherry Berry experience.  
Ok, so we wanted frozen yogurt, he benefited.  
I think we wore him out.  What do you think?
Look at that sweet boy!  

It's been almost 10 years since Sis and I lived in the same state, let alone same city, so I'm taking full advantage of making new memories with them.  

Other than this outing, I spent most of my weekend watching the Olympics and working on my embroidery challenge.  More details on that later.  

If you missed this weekend's post, Pinterest Highlight: Ashley H's Menu Board, you can check it out here.  

Thanks for stopping in! I adore each 
and every one of you that stop by.
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  1. Love the farmers market!

    Your nephew is adorable and I think burgers and fries are just fine for a lunch IF you include frozen yogurt. :)

    1. See, I knew it was ok! :) Thanks for stopping in.


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