Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last weekend we all headed up to Papa's in Kansas for a good old fashioned family weekend filled with family time, good food and a new memories.

My favorite memory was a very proud auntie moment.  Sis asked Grant where Grandpa was.  He looked right at Papa.  She asked him where Grandma was.  He looked right at LaDonna.  I asked him where his favorite auntie in the whole wide world was.  He let go of her hand and pointed RIGHT AT ME!  Mind you, I was the only auntie around, but he did it with such conviction it made my heart melt.  Papa asked how many times we'd practiced that one.  The answer is NONE.  I love that lil dude!

Without further ado, here are the best pics from this weekend.  Most include Lil Dude, of course.  
It was so stinkin' hot outside. Grant loved going out to
play in the "sprinkler" (aka: the hose)
We met LaDonna's siblings for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant.
Grant and Grandpa (aka: Papa) wore matching hats and shot the breeze
while sharing chips. They're quite the cute pals.
Grant and Grandpa sang old 
country songs together on the way home.

He loved the hat and tractor Grandpa gave him.
Grant's Great Aunt Josie took him to play in the mud where a spigot burst.
He HATES being in wet grass so his WTF expression is no surprise.
We all gathered to celebrate Aunt Tiny's birthday. She's now
the "Leader of the Pack" and doing a damn fine job at it.
Quite a lovely sunrise at 6:30am. I was up that early helping
Papa prep and spray the yard for weeds.
Across the gravel road for Papa's house were some cows.
We took Grant over to see moo cows for the first time.
He wanted no part of those damn cows!
When we were done, he started climbing the steps up to the
house while wearing the hat Grandpa gave him.
He loved having his own hat.
Then he didn't want his mommy's help at all.
He's an independent little guy.
With the weather so hot, it was impossible to get much done around the property, so we got the opportunity to relax.  It was great to see so many aunts and uncles.  I always wish Papa's visits could be longer, but we take what we can get.  It's precious to see Grant and Papa palling around together.

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  1. Awesome! I love your family pics!

  2. I'm with Grant about the cows. Staaayyyy aawwaaayyyy.


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