Monday, July 30, 2012

Tonight I'm linking up with Erin, one of my all time favorite bloggers of all time, over at Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink, for her Photo 411 link-up.  

She's given us 10 different items to add pictures to and I'm accepting the challenge.  Here goes..

1. Your Little Tyke Self
I was too cute a kid to just give you one picture, 
so I gathered up a few old school pics.

2. Your High School Self
See, I'm a giver. She asked for one and I give you a door full!  The only high school picture I could find was in this picture. For my 30th birthday fiesta, we covered the door with pictures of me growing up.  The bottom right picture is my freshman high school picture. Based on that pic, you'd never know I'd end up being a short hair girl.

3. Your College Self
Since my college self is my now self, I'm going to substitute a gem of a picture I found when I found the picture for #2.  It's a pic from my 30th birthday party.  I always wear a tiara, but my friends made me wear the crazy birthday fuzzy hat too. You're welcome.

4. Your Right Now Self
This was me just last week making guppy face.

5.  Your Furry Friend
I have three critters.  On rare occasions they tolerate each other and I can get one picture of all three.

6. Your Manly Friend
 (boyfriend, husband, bff, celeb crush, etc)
I'm going to post a pic of my bestie.  If anyone on earth knows most of my secrets, it's Bill.  We really are a lot of fun.  

7. Where You Once Lived
This is the house I grew up in near Seattle, WA.  My bedroom was the right window above the garage.

8. Where You Now Live
Isn't she a beaut?

9.  What You Love
I ADORE being an auntie to these lil buttons.

10. What You Miss
More than anything in the whole wide world, I miss my mom.  She was my best friend, my mentor, my mom, my everything. She taught me to love, to laugh and to cherish! I love you, mama.

Now, go check out Erin's blog and get to know 
some other bloggers with their photos.  



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