Sunday, July 29, 2012

I first met Ashley H. three years ago when she wandered into the law school I work at as a new student.  Even in a crowd of 130 students, Ashley stood out with her crazy, happy, fun, silly, (sometimes inappropriate) personality. We bonded over our mutual love of inappropriate rap music and beautiful men like Shamar Moore.  Ashley is a wife and mother to a lot of dogs.  I think she'd adopt all the stray dogs in the world if her husband would let her.  She may come across as silly most of the time, but she's got more degrees than most, just finished her law degree, took the bar exam and is rocking life in general.

There are two sides to Ashely.
There's the serious, spiritual, responsible side.
The other side of Miss Ashley is a little more like this.
She's nuts and I love every bit of it.

I guess taking the bar exam wasn't enough for Ashley last week, 
she also put together the menu board she pinned many months ago.  
RobbyGurl's Creations is the original mastermind behind the menu board.  You can find all of her printables and tutorials here.

These are the finished images of Ashley's menu board.

Pretty damn impressive, right?!  She proves once again, 
she's not just another pretty face.

Ashley said she followed RobbyGurl's tutorial to the letter for constructing the board, "however I used all new recipes because she is a hardcore carnivore, so my board is vegetarian with some vegan mixed in."  She got almost all of her recipes from Pinterest as well.  You can find over 250 of Ashley's recipe pins here.  "After eating three years of the same crap in law school, I wanted to give my brain some cooking challenges and my taste buds some new experiences because Morning Star will only bring so much excitement."  

If you'd like to follow Ashley in Pinterest, you can find her here.

Have you tackled a menu board for your household?  
Feel free to share links to your projects in the comments below.

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  1. You got me a PRESENT?!!! What is it? Oh my I needed some excitement after that Wieber heartbreak. P.S. change your settings so that you're not a "no-reply" commenter anymore so I can actually email you back!

    1. You've always been able to email me back. That's weird! Let me check that out. Do you want to know what it is or do you want it to be a surprise?

    2. That was a pain in the assticles. I don't know how that setting got changed. You just emailed me the other day. Anyway, it's fixed!


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