Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Before I get into the details of my geniusness (sorry, spell-check, but in my world geniusness is a real word), let me share one more towel with you!  Numero six is one of my all time favorites.
Now, back to my geniusness...in the past, I've traced my patterns by taping them to the window and using the sunlight to shine the patter through the towel.  This past weekend was a bit overcast so I didn't have much sunlight to work with.  I sat at my coffee table wishing I had a light box.  That's when it came to me.  Struck like an idea lightning bolt.  I can make a light box!  (Warning: this only works if you have a glass table top.)

Step 1:
Put a lamp (sans shade) under your glass table)
Step 2:
Put your pattern under your fabric (or other material).
Step 3:
Trace away!  How cool is that?!
Not a step, just a funny pic.
It also helps if you have a cat like Luna to supervise.
(Oh, and do you see how ambitious I am with
so many stacks of blank towels??!!)
This is the finished step of tracing.  Now you just embroider
and then spray the towel with water to make the ink disappear.
See, I told you it was geniusness!  Wait until you see the towels I have traced up to work on next.  (no, not the crafty duck or the pirate duck, those will be for later.  I'm changing things up so stay tuned!)

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  1. This is definitely genius! I would have said screw it and chilled on the couch with a movie.

    1. Bahahaha. With a nerd in your belly button for safe keeping, of course.

  2. PIRATE DUCK. No way. Amazeballs.

    Geniusness is totally a word.


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