Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last night was Auntie Nephew Date Night and we had a blast.  Chris, my brother-in-law, is taking an intensive intersession course before his semester starts so he's gone all night every week night for two weeks.  Sis asked if I could watch Grant one night to give her a chance to paint her bathroom without the lil' guy under foot. If you know anything about my love for this little boy you'd know she didn't need to ask or even start to twist my arm.  I was all over it.  

As per the usual, I journaled our events in pictures to share.  
You're welcome!

Let the shenanigans begin...

First, we went out to water the plants. My neighbors' dogs scared the bejesus out of the poor boy so he spent most of the time curled up in my arms hugging me tight.  I didn't complain one bit. Here's he's asking to be up again.
 Then, we came inside to make dinner. While I made grilled cheese, he used the spoon and measuring cup to make some "pretend soup."
 And then the shenanigans REALLY began. My cousin, Ashley, has given me so many fun (and crazy) ideas on how to entertain a little one.  One of the ideas I've been dying to try is to use washable markers to give Grant tattoos.  We started hardcore with "THUG LIFE" on his belly.  Doesn't he look like a bad ass? I thought so too.
 He liked it so we did some more.  His newest sound to make is a lion so we doodled one of those on his chest along with "MOM."
 On his back we did a witch's hat and moon that said "Nana M Forever" and a football that said "Dada" while he put the markers away.  Do you see that on his arm?  It's a heart that says "Auntie."
  This is how we roll at Auntie Sissy's house, or Seesee as he says.  No pants, no high chair, all tatted up while eating a fry fry. 
 After dinner, we help Auntie Sissy fix her hair.  He's great at "fixing" your hair by rubbing your head and making it super messy.
 And then Grant picks out a book for Auntie Sissy to read to him.  Look at the expression on his face.  He loves books.
 After book time is over, we sit on Auntie Sissy's tummy and practice pointing to our eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and belly button.  
While we were waiting for mommy to come pick him up, we watched Elmo videos on Auntie Sissy's computer.  He was enthralled.

 My favorite part of the night: The tattoo time was very educational.  He learned a new word last night.  "TATTOOOOOOO."  He walked all over the house saying "taaatttooooooo" or finding tattoos on me, pointing to them and saying "taaaattoooooo?" It was priceless. 

Here's a short video of our tattoo time.  

I think my friend, Mel, said it best when she saw the video..."It's a shame you don't love that boy much."  Good lord, he owns my whole heart.  I feel so lucky to be a part of his daily life so we can keep having these adventures.

I love you, lil' dude!!



  1. So much cute, oh my gosh.

    And the video- adorrrrraaabbble.

    Love the tattoos, also.

    1. You should tatt up the prince in his sleep. I'm sure he'll LOVE it.

  2. Those are so great..LOVE the tattoo's. I am sure when it was time for him to go home he didn't want to leave the fun!! :)

  3. Those tattoos are awesome! I have to get those for my kids (or me:).

  4. Oh gosh, those tattoos look like too much fun!! And he looks like he enjoyed them. :)


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