Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are you ready to be overwhelmed with adorableness?  If you're not, take a moment because this post is jam packed with cute.  Like, a sickeningly high amount of cute.  

Ok, I may have over sold that just a bit, but my weekend was full of Grant (and Sis too).  

Friday, I offered to watch Grant so Sis and Chris could go out to dinner kid free for their 2nd Anniversary because I'm sweet like that.  Well, that and I wanted to love on this cute little nugget. 
His kid's meal came with a shark fin headband.  It was awesome.  I taught him that a shark says nahnahnahnahnah (like Jaws).  
We practiced our singing/making out with the microphone skills.
She shark fin also doubled as a forehead fin.  We roll with the punches during Auntie Nephew Date Night.
We also teach him horrible things, like cheering for the Steelers! (His dad, the Seahawks fan, hates this "trick" but I love it!)
We even use some of Auntie Sissy's nail polish bottles as drum sticks on the glass coffee table.  They make really loud noises.
We also practice making llama noises.  If you wonder what a llama says, watch this video. I laugh so hard every time I watch it.  

Think that's the end of the cute?  NOPE!  You're welcome.

On Saturday, Sis conned me into going to the Just Between Friends sale. It was one of the last days so all the prices were slashed 50%.  We hit the sale early and made out like bandits!

  Sis has a strict no wandering policy in places like this.  She has a bad habit of wandering, not answering her phone, and leaving the person with the stroller and huge bag blocking the aisle by the register pissing other shoppers off.  Yes, you sensed that annoyance very clearly, didn't you?  She can be found under that arrow with Grant on her shoulders.  I was way up at the register waiting and waiting and waiting until I went and got her.  
 While shopping, I found this lovely gem (Ha, get it? Gem?) of a potty chair.  How deluxe is this?  Also, how clean can you get a wooden potty chair?  We figured it wouldn't be an appropriate chair for Grant so we moved on and let someone else snap it up.  (It's so many crafting projects gone wrong!)
  Next, we went to Garden Ridge.  We FINALLY got some rain the night before so I helped Grant do some good ol' fashioned puddle jumping.  We caught some major air...
 Followed by some major splash.  Look at his face and the sheer joy.  Auntie Sissy brings the fun.  
 Many of you know, my late mother's birthday is Halloween, so we do Halloween up big in our houses.  Sis and I went bat poo crazy when we saw all the Halloween decorations out.  You can tell by the smile on his face, Grant is going to be a big Halloween fan too.
He kinda got lost in the hat.
From this view it looks like he's sporting a pimp hat.  I think he might be a wee bit too young for that type of costume just yet.
 Auntie Sissy pushes the cart like a race car and a roller coaster in one including sound effects.  There's even a little dance number called "The Shopping Cart Shuffle" that I do to make him laugh.  I don't care who is in the aisle with us, I will act a fool to make him giggle.
 He sure loves his mommy too.  He gave her a big ol' hug.
 And I may have encouraged him to "fix her hair" while he was up there.  You're welcome, Sis.
Here's the booty Sis came home with from the consignment sale, Just Between Friends.  She got this entire bedding set for $35.  What a steal!
 She also got books, two pairs of shoes, a back pack, pajamas, and a hat for $25.  Not too shabby, right?
Before we hung the quilt on Grant's wall we noticed there was quite a bit of pilling (is that a word?) on some of the accents.  I asked Sis to grab a razor so we could try a trick I learned on, you guessed it, Pinterest.  Here's the before of the whale.
 You basically shave the pilling right off.
 It worked like a champ! It looks like a new quilt.
 We turned around and found Grant like this.  He was joining in the decorating fun.
Here's the after of his room.  I've got some canvases to paint for him and we'll be painting his room at some point.
 Pretty cute, right?  Not bad for $35?!

Talk about a lot of cute, right?  I'll leave you with one more dose of the llama video.  How can you not want to watch it again?!
Can you imagine how much I'd be one of those moms if I had kids of my own?
I hope your weekend was filled with almost as much cute as mine was. 



  1. I love Grants haircut. It is laying down nicely!

    1. All that cuteness and fun and all you've got for me is that he has nice hair?! Auntie P!!

  2. oh my gosh, jen. so many things to say.

    1) you would so be one of those moms, and it would be cute. until it wasn't cute anymore, and I told you to stop. hehehe.

    2) the llama video, good lord. so dang adorable.

    3) shaving the piling off? I need to do this to some sweaters in my closet, methinks.

    4) you're a shit for telling him to "fix" your sister's hair.

    5) pimp hat? I DIE.

    6) Puddle splashing? My ovaries, they're speaking to me, they want a little kid.


    8) the making out with the microphone was pretty good, too.

    9) good on you for teaching him the jaws theme. 10 points.

    10) Nothing else to say, but couldn't stop at 9, had to get to 10. ;)

    1. 1) I would expect nothing less. Always tell me.
      2) I can't stop watching it.
      3) Works like a champ!
      4) I tell him to do it to me all the time.
      5) He will be a pimp some day and will have a strong pimp hand.
      6) If you do, I want to be Auntie Jen so I can corrupt another child.
      7) I know, right?!
      8) He gave it to me to sing in and I got slobber all over myself.
      9) Thank you.
      10) well played.
      11) I just wanted to do one more than you.

  3. Holy fun weekend Jen! You're an awesome Aunt! We need to get together for a playdate.
    I went to JBF and saw that same "throne" and laughed so hard! Who poos in something that looks so pretty?!

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