Wednesday, August 1, 2012

These are the random thoughts I had as the episode aired tonight.
Britney's diary rooms kill me!  Her impressions of people are becoming my favorite part of the show each week.

Janelle needs to up her game.  She's being played BIG TIME.  By everybody.  If her game plan is to be played, she's killing it.

Joe, we are not deaf.  STOP YELLING AT US! Him yelling like a crazy man is getting on my last nerve.  Part of me would like Frank to go, but Joe is a close 2nd.

Shane is a veto winning machine.

Janelle needs a big captain obvious shirt.  Can you give them more than 5 minutes before scurrying up to try and save your team members?

WTF is Janelle thinking offering up her wedding rings for?!!  She's gone wacko.

I've not been a big Wil fan in the past, but the boy knows how to get a party going and might just be winning me over.
Wil's birthday suit? This was OUT OF CONTROL!

The Ian kiss was so very awkward.  "Probably the hottest girl I've ever kissed."  Really?  Probably the ONLY girl he's ever kissed.
Look at the way he was diving in for that smooch.  As if it weren't awkward enough, she goes in for a peck and he goes in to lick her tonsils.  Ewwww.

I've said before, I'm not a big fan of backdooring people because I think it's a chicken move, but I won't be sad to see Frank go.  It's not that I have something against Frank.  It's that I am itching for another shake up and losing Frank would shake Boogie up hard core.

Have you voted in America's Vote asking if coaches should go back in the game?  I am undecided so I didn't vote.  I'm so torn!

What were your random thoughts after tonight's episode?



  1. OK so I totally agree with all your thoughts. Seriously, Joe is like freaking Dora...always shouting. And Britney, I freaking love her. My husband hates her. She just cracks me up. I love Wil and want to hang out with him. Hilarious. As for voting, I haven't because I really just can't decide what I want to happen. Loved that Shane used the veto, though...bold move and I just love to see Boogie squirm. As for Janelle. She needs to slow her roll....offering her rings? Girl is nuts, but I love her. Rooting for her over Boogie.

    1. Of the coaches, I'm rooting for Britney. Love her and her commentary and take on things. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. I'm really hoping the coaches get to play!

    1. I was so torn, but I think it's going to be a great shake up. Dan needs to seriously up his game though.

  3. I heard that after Ian had that kiss, Mike Boogie came in and gave her a LOOOONG kiss, and Ian was really sad :-(. They didn't show that on the televised show. I love Ian, I want him to go all the the game, not with her lol

    1. How sad! No wonder he was bitter when she was watching Shane lift weights last night. Poor guy.


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