Thursday, August 9, 2012

This episode is brought to you by the word WOW.
  • Ugh! Wil (with one L) says Danielle is going to hell in the diary room, but then goes up to the HOH room and cries a big ol' poor me crocodile tear load of BS.  Man, quit the BS.
  • Boogie and Frank in the nomination chairs killed me.  The matching outfits.  The matching headbands. Such a joke. 
  • I laughed out loud when Dan asked Boogie if he was playing up being mad at him and Boogie said, "Oh, no, I really am that mad."  Bahahahaha.  I have to give Boogie props for playing such a blunt game.  He's not holding back his opinions one bit.
  • Did anybody else notice Danielle getting a big ol' head filled with power? She gets the HOH key and suddenly becomes a bad ass?  
  • I don't know what was funnier, Ian passing up the Maui vacation for the "Dog's Life" ticket or Boogie's reaction to Ian's choice.  Another priceless moment in the BB house.
  • I could not wait to see Frank in the spiritard! Thank god the BB producers added a skirt. I would not want to see Frank's business.
  • This moment was hilarious! 
  • Oklahoma stations, please start putting
    that map in the bottom corner!!
  • Dan, Britney, Shane, Danielle and Ian naming their alliance "The Quack Pack" was ridiculous.  For reals.
  • Wowzers.  The Silent Six alliance (Boogie, Frank, Shane, Danielle, Britney and Dan) was born 5 minutes later.   Flip flop much?
  • My favorite part of Danielle using the veto and nominating Janelle was Britney's pretend horrified face.  
  • As much as I've not been a Boogie fan, he's growing on me.  Happens every year.  He's honest.  He can manipulate people like nobody's business.  AND he's funny.  He brings life to the house.  FINE!  FINE, Boogie.  I can't quite you!
What did you think of last night's episode?



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