Friday, August 3, 2012

It's our favorite day of the week! Friday may have taken its sweet ass time, but it's here and that's all that matters.  Now, let's team up with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition and get on with the confessions.

**  I watered my monkey grass on an odd number day even though I am voluntarily restricted to even number days.  I don't care if the rest of my grass dies in this damn drought, but I don't want the monkey grass to die.
Here's a picture of some monkey grass in case
you don't know what it looks like.

**  I am SOOOOO glad I didn't get busted full on desk dancing/lip syncing at my desk yesterday. I was OUT. OF. CONTROL.

**  Yesterday I day dreamed about taking a nap at my desk.  Oh, how I wish I could have.

**  I suck at painting my nails, but I'm obsessed with Finger Paints' glitter polishes.  I went with "Art You Wondering?" for this round.  Stop on over to Fabulous but Evil to see what polishes everyone else is obsessed with lately on the Nail Files link-up.

**  I'm looking forward to another adventure with Sis and Grant tomorrow.  We're going to the farmers market again and ACE is having their free quart of paint event again so we're going to get our free paint on. Go to your local ACE and get FREE PAINT!

**  I may or may not have taken a glass from a happy time establishment last week. Stay tuned because it will be altered and details posted in the future.

**  These are my two new favorite eCards.
I hate days that require pants.

Have you been watching all the super hot athletes compete in the Olympics?  Check out today's other post, Olympic Team Sexy Pants.  It's a MUST read.  PS: There are a lot of great pictures involved.  Don't miss it.

Have a great Friday and weekend.  Try and stay cool out there if you're in my neck of the woods!



  1. Haha sadly my day requires pants. How horrible.

    1. Any day that requires pants is not going to be its best day.

  2. I love the "pants required" one! Hilarious!!


    1. I'm a firm believer in the best pants being no pants!

  3. I remember growing up with Monkey Grass.... it never does seem to die!

    have a great weekend!

    1. I never did seem to die until this stupid heat wave and drought hit us. Now I'm struggling to keep it perky. Thanks for stopping in!

  4. oh wow, that nail polish is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! They have several cute colors. I've got the red, blue, pink and aqua. Love it. And thanks for stopping in.

  5. I have seen lots of people use the paint pots polishes but have never seen/used them! do they last long? that color is so pretty i'm tempted to try it!

    1. I got the Finger Paints at Sally Beauty Supply. They were even buy two get one free. Can't beat that, right?! Thanks for stopping in!

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