Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello Crafty Jen friends!
That'd be me up there.
I just blew you a kiss.
Which means you should automatically love me and be nice to me.
Hope you don't have cooties.
I blog over here at...

Miss Jen asked me to guest post for her today.
You know what's great about this?
The fact that I actually freaking remembered to do it.
She asked me last week but I totally had a good excuse had too many glasses of wine and forgot.
Nobody should understand why exactly she'd ask me again...
(I mean obviously I'm not really reliable)
But she did, so here I am being a solid reliable friend and gracing you all with my presence.
Presents would be better, but alas this crazy English language must distinguish the difference between two words.
Just like in 11th Grade Honors English when my teacher gave me a C+ on a poem about the witches in Salem because I wrote that they got "hung" instead of "hanged".
But I chose "hung" because nothing rhymed with "hanged" except for "banged" and that wasn't appropriate for Honors English...or this here blog for that matter.
Jen told me she has family members reading this so I have to remain PG13 or friendlier or something.
That'd be because I once wrote a post about lady parts on my own piece of blogland.
So if you aren't interested in those sorts of parts then don't come visit me.
Or do and just avoid that post like you would a naked homeless man on the streets of New York.
I've seen one - they are real - stay far far away.
But what exactly is there that's family appropriate besides body parts and naked men?
I'm thinking.
Still pondering.
This is tougher than I thought
I got it!
Disney Pixar movies to be exact.
If I had to make a list of my favorite Disney movies I know hands down 100% that my top three would be Pixar movies.
I mean you watch these things and your brain goes ape crap crazy wondering how the people who come up with these story lines actually do so.
They. Are. Amazing.
I want to be a Pixar person when I grow up.
I am pretty sure the Disney + Pixar combination is better than any other known combination on this whole planet.
Better than peanut butter and chocolate.
Better than cheddar and crackers.
Chicken wings and blue cheese.
Cereal and 2% milk.
The cold side of the pillow and your head.
Sunday Night Football and a cold beer.
Now that one's pushing it but you get my point.
So now you're wondering what my favorite Disney Pixar movies are aren't you.
Of course you are.
I just knew it.
So here you go. The best of the best. The most creative and cute movies that ever did exist.
In no particular order because you'd probably have to put a gun to my head take away Blue Moons for life before I could ever come up with a real list.
Toy Story 1,2, and 3
Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc.
The Incredibles
Alright, so basically every single one besides Cars.
I didn't like that one and never saw the second one.
So now I definitely have to see Brave when it comes out on DVD.
(Because I couldn't force a dude to take me to a Disney movie without having to take their man parts out of a vice afterwards)
And then I have to pee my pants with excitement until Monsters University and Finding Nemo FINE-AL-LY come out.
And now you have to come visit my face over HERE.
We can be best friends like Buzz and Woody.
And I'll remember you forever like Dory does Marlin.
And maybe we can save a cute little toddler like Sully and Mike Wazowski.
Or cook up some killer grub like Remy and Linguini.
Okay I'm done.
Come say hi, you'll brighten my day :)



  1. LOVE this! It's so uplifting to see I'm not the only 23 year still obsessing over Disney. I mean seriously, I almost peed out of excitement when I saw Finding Nemo was coming to theaters in 3D! The hubs has refused to accompany me... So maybe I'll take the babe. Babies like 3D movies, right?? :)

    1. Thanks for popping in from Erin's land. I too nearly peed myself when I saw there would be a new Finding Nemo. I'm trying to convince my sister that it should be my 16 month old nephew's first movie. She's not convinced yet.

  2. HAHA you are too cute!! I love that you forgot to guest post last week - wine will do that to ya!!

    1. Thanks for stopping in and for the follow. What worked out well is that she DID remember this week because I was too margarita'd to post myself. Quite a match, right?


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