Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I am SUCH a lucky girl.  Four posts talking about 
my blog on other blogs in one week?  

They love me! They really really love me!  

Ok, that's totally what my speech would be if I won an award, but today it's about Erin, from Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink, who did a post today about me, my tea towels, a package I sent her, my giveaway and her never ending admiration of me.
Erin Elizabeth
Really, that last part was made up, but we are quickly becoming Blogging Besties and I really do plan on seeing her when I make it out to New York City to see these loves of my life (brother and niece) at some point in the future.  So it's kind of like winning an award, but not really.
To thank Erin for showing me some love, you should go over and show her some love strictly because if you love me, then you'll completely fall madly in love with her. 

But if you need more incentive, the post also includes several 
pictures of this extremely adorable pooch.
  PS: Are you ready to throw up in your 
mouth with all this chipper lovey talk yet?



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