Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy birthday 11th, Larry!
I can't believe this sweet man cat is turning 11 today.  

We've been through 5 moves, the loss of my mom, some good relationships and some bad, and all the ups and downs in between.

To honor the ol' fella, here are some of my 
favorite pictures through the years.

Look how tiny he was at 7 weeks old. 

That didn't last long at all.
Now, look at the size of those ears and his gigantic paws.
Big ol' ears!
Those paws are ridiculous.

He's a total lover.
He LOVES kisses.
And he loves to fall asleep in your arms because
he forgets he's not a little kitten anymore.

He's kind of prissy.
Look at him practicing his show girl pose
right before we moved to Las Vegas.

He knows how to party.  For reals.
I didn't do that to him.
He wrapped himself in that boa.

He's good with kiddos...most of the time.
He was so patient with Sahari.
She repaid him with a kiss.

He knows how to find his treats.
He knew what cabinet his treats were in.
I swear, his legs go on for days.

He is a very deep sleeper.
Relaxed much?
After mom fell asleep reading, Larry curled up with her. They were inseparable.
He curls up like a Popple when it's cold.
He's my indication it's too cold in the house.
Sweet boy.

He regulates his sisters.
Luna (the green eyes to the left of Larry) was sliding into
the stack of paper making a loud noise. After she did it
twice, Larry sat on the paper and looked at her with a
very serious "don't you dare!" glare.

And he's a dreamer.
He wanted nothing more than to get to that fish.
So much so that the fish had to come
live a work with me.

Happy birthday, Larry!  You owe me 11 more years!
I love you!

In case you missed it, late last night I posted 10 new members to Olympic Team Sexy Pants!



  1. Hahaha the show girl pose wins

    1. It's a classic for sure. He was ready to move to Vegas and get his showcat on.

  2. Happy 11th Birthday Larry!!

    Keep will get that fish someday!!!

    1. Bahahaha, maybe about the time your dog catches those damn birds?!

  3. okay, so, happy birthday larry....



    1. I LOVED Popples! I knew we were soul sistas. And I'm glad you're back so you can enjoy some critter posts. They are all for you.

  4. Replies
    1. His Tia is his 2nd favorite person in the world. Well, next to any man that walks into the room. He loves men.


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