Friday, August 10, 2012

As the Olympics come to a close, it's time to determine 
who the medalists should be on Team Sexy Pants.  Below you will find 
pictures of all of the team members along with a poll.  So, VOTE! 

You can find the back story on TSP here and here.

The top three team members will receive 
the gold, silver and bronze TSP medals.  

(Update: I had to change to a different software that would allow for multiple votes, but none would allow me to have more than 20 options, so, sadly I had to cut two team members from the team. I opted for the two least popular members from my Facebook page.  Sorry, boys!  They can be alternates in case someone fractures or sprains their sex appeal, right?!)

You can select more than one option when you vote, 
but you can only hit "vote" once.

I'll be announcing the medal winners next week.
Thank you all for making Team Sexy Pants so much fun.  

Sarah H. has graciously agreed to certify the results
of the medals before they are awarded.
If I can trust her with my big hair and all of our
shenanigans, I can trust her with anything!



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