Friday, August 3, 2012

I am a huge fan of the Summer Olympics.  In order to make watching interesting I like to watch them for various reason.  I love to see USA win gold, of course, but I also love to spot the various sex appeal of all of the players.  Come on now, these athletes are in their prime.  By prime, I mean HOT HOT HOT.

Shortly after the games began, I jokingly posted the following status:
"Louis Smith, Great Britain, gymnastics, is the 1st sexy olympian I'd like to take home.  I'll keep you posted on who else makes Team Sexy Pants."  To which, my friend, Ben, commented, "Possibly the best Olympic team name ever."  It was at that moment that Team Sexy Pants was born.
I had no idea what kind of response I would get.  I've gotten requests from friends to keep the team growing.  I've even had friends not on Facebook ask me about TSP.

These are some of the comments friends have posted on my Facebook page:
  • You're an excellent recruiter. - Ben L.
  • Really enjoying your team updates, good looking team so far, keep up the good work! - Linda G.
  • Team Sexy Pants is a tribute to everything good about our world: different countries working together for the common good, the rush of competition and abs. - Sarah H.
  • On behalf of the women in my office (and myself of course), thank you for the gift of Team Sexy Pants!!! - Heather A.
My friends ask so my friends receive.  I now give you the members of Team Sexy Pants:

1) Louis Smith, Great Britain, gymnastics

Louis Smith #gymnastics #olympics2012 #muscle Visit The Man Crush Blog | Twitter | Facebook |Google+

2) Ricky Berens, USA, swimmng

3) Martin Reader, Canada, beach volleyball

4) David Oliver, USA, track & field

5) Camille Lacourt, Fance, swimming

6)  Teddy Riner, France, judo (side note: he's 6'8" tall)

7)  Clemente Russo, Italy, boxing

8) Aldo Montano, Italy, fencing

9) Pascal Behrenbruch, Germany, decathalon

10) Ky Hurst, Australia, swimming

11) Danell Leyva, USA, gymnastics

12) Giuseppe Lazone, USA, rowing

Yummy, right?!!?

I'm thinking about putting together a poll of some sort so the medals for TSP can be determined by fan popularity.  Sarah H. will help me officiate and Barbara S. has graciously volunteered to be the team baby oiler.

There were some request by lady lovers, both male and female, to add some women to TSP.  This was my favorite comment:
"My luscious man meat would like to lodge a formal complaint because he finds Team Sexy Pants to be sexist. I explained that he could start his own team with females, but he soon came to the realization that he did not find enough of the female athletes attractive to be able to form his own team. So this post actually serves no purpose. You're welcome." - Ashley H.

My reply to those requests:  To those asking for women on the team, feel free to start Team Sexy Skirts. Team Sexy Pants is an all male review...I

So, who are your favorite sexy athletes in these Olympic games?

Additional TSP posts:
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  1. Awhhhh shit this just made my day. But I'm sorry Lochte is prettier than Berens even though Berens is a dark horse that nobody expected and Mikulak is prettier than Danell. In my Olympic Opinion anyway...

    1. I'm not a Lochte fan. He will not be making the list. Mikulak is cute, but way too short. Sorry, lil lady, your picker must be broken. bahahaha. I'm kidding, TSP has a little something for everyone. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Damn! This is like the freakin Dream Team (or at the very least, the team I see in my dreams :D ).

    1. Indeed!! I'm glad you're enjoying the posts. Your comments make my day.

  3. Had to share the eye candy on FB - Jen, you've just LEAPED up there on my blog favs for this week!

    1. LOL. Your comment made my day. Thanks for stopping in!

  4. I thought we had the only hotties....DANG.... I was wrong. That is some serious man candy. Thanks for opening my eyes to the other nations of hotness

    1. You are most welcome! Yes, TSP is a very international and diverse team. :)

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