Monday, August 20, 2012

Is your front door ready for some football?
Mine is and it couldn't have been any easier.
I'm a Steelers fan through and through, so of course 
I made mine a Steelers themed wreath!

(You don't have to make your wreath with a Steelers theme, but they are the best team so I'll try really hard not to judge you.  I can't promise that if you choose to make a Cowboys wreath.  Then I'll openly judge you.  Sorry.)

(You also don't have to make a football themed wreath.  This idea will work for any school (jr high, high school, college) or sport.  It's very versatile.)

Here's what you need:
2.5 rolls of tulle in your team's colors 
fat quarts in your team's colors to make twisted fabric flowers
a wreath form (I chose a low profile one because I have a storm door
ribbon to hang the wreath
hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

I started out my making the flowers to decorate the wreath.
Such a Pretty Mess has a great tutorial on how to make the flowers. 
I followed the second technique but didn't iron or flat iron my fabric 
because I wanted a fuller flower.

This is my BESTEST tip for cutting the tulle: wrap the roll 
around a spiral notebook (or anything about that size) and 
make one cut.  This allows you to cut the entire roll in 
exactly the same size sheets by only making one cut.

Don't be distracted by that adorable critter.  
At the bottom of this picture you'll see a stack of 
tulle all cut the same size. Easy breezy.

Before you get started, decide how full you want your wreath. 
I wanted a fairly thick wreath so I opted to use two sheets 
of tulle in each knot. You simply fold each section in half, 
loop it around the wreath and tuck the ends 
through the loop before tightening.  

I started out doing 5 of each color, but ended up 
doing 4 yellow and 5 black because I ran out of yellow.

I chose to alternate the colors all the way around the wreath. 
When I was done tying all of the tulle, I went back 
around the wreath fluffing and tightening the knots.

I happened to have a piece of wood left over from a previous 
project. I painted it yellow and used a marker to make a Steelers 
sign to add to the wreath. I hot glued the flowers 
& sign in around the edge.

I placed the yellow, red, and blue flowers strategically 
based on the Steelers' logo.

Here's the finished product hanging on my front door 
ready for the season to start in just 3 short weeks, 
not that I'm counting down the days or anything. 
It's actually 20 days from today to be exact. 
You're welcome.
Now, all you football fans, college or pro, go out and 

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  1. Love this idea. Hope you won't mind when I make mine in Bengals orange and black! Who dey!

    1. I will forgive the Bengals. It's the Cowboys I will openly judge. LOL. I'd love to see a picture when you make yours!

  2. I love it! I've been thinking about making some of these myself as Christmas gifts!

    1. That's a great idea! If you can catch the ribbon and tulle at a half off sale at Hobby Lobby they're even more affordable to make.

  3. All I can say is...YOU ARE AMAZING!

  4. My husband would love this. He's born and raised in Pittsburgh and loves the Steelers. I'm your newest follower from the Cowgirl Up link party. I'd love for you to stop by.


    1. Welcome, Kimberly! You and your husband both have great taste. LOL. I'm headed your way.

  5. Visiting from the Hodgepodge party. Live in the pittsburgh area so of course when I saw that black and gold I had to click on your picture! Go Steelers!

  6. I have seen these and always wanted to make them but was a little intimidated. Your tute looks so easy, thank you so much! My crafty fingers were itching to make one as soon as I read this post!

  7. I found your tutorial via Pinterest. I love it! I've been looking for something to spruce up my front door this football season. I'll be heading to Michaels this weekend to pick up some black and gold tulle. Go Steelers!

  8. hello i myself made one for my husband he is a Steeler fan all his life. his is hanging in his office is also with tulle. lol


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