Monday, August 27, 2012

Trick-or-treat bags!!  
I made two super cute and fun trick-or-treat bags for Grant and Sahari, my nephew and niece.  

Okay, so it's still August.  Some might say a little early for a Halloween post.  Here's my logic, if you like my trick or treat bags so much you'd like to make them for some kiddos in your life, then you need to know about these in plenty of time to make them, right?!  

That, and I just love me some Halloween so much I am trying to decide how early is too early to decorate.  I'm aiming for late September. 

Anyway, there I go getting distracted again.  Last weekend, Sis and I went to Joann's to pick up the fabric to make Grant's Halloween costume. I decided it would be fun to make him his own trick-or-treat bag too.  No plastic pumpkins for my lil dude!  I'd seen Happy Zombie's pattern online for making a small tote bag out of three fat quarters.  

The tutorial looked easy enough that I thought I'd give it a try on the trick-or-treat bags.  I am not the best at reading patterns, I am totally self taught in 99% of the crafting I do, so this pattern had to be easy in order for me to succeed.  Great news, it was and I did!

Joann's didn't have any Halloween fat quarters so I picked out three different fabrics and had them cut me 18".  This would give me the equivalent of two sets of fat quarters if I cut the pieces in half.  With enough fabric for two bags, I decided to make my niece, Sahari, a bag too.  If you're making one, why not make two while you've got the machine threaded, right?

The bags took about 90 minutes each from start to finish including pressing, cutting, sewing, and finishing.  Here are the finished bags:
They ended up being about 4" deep, perfect for a lot of candy.
They are fully lined and quite sturdy, perfect for many years of use.
There's even a lined pocket in the front, perfect for holding a glow stick
(or any other treasures their hearts desire).
To give you a little perspective in size, the candle in front is a large jar candle.
The pattern has the option of making a bag only 2" deep, and I had some fat quarters laying around that needed to be whipped into something fun, so I decided to make myself a bag for my econ textbook and spiral notebook.  The bag turned out great! Love it!
It fit my textbook and notebook like a glove.
I like girly, subtle skulls.  This fabric fit the bill.  
 No crafting project is complete without Luna supervising my every move.
Thank goodness I was done sewing at this point.  
She's lucky she's cute.  

Anywho, the bags turned out great!  They sure beat the old pillow cases I used as a kid.  
If you'd like to make some of your own, pop on over to Happy Zombie. Her pattern really is easy to follow and really does use just three fat quarters.

What did you use as a kid when you went trick-or-treating?

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  1. Look at you ya little crazy crafting lady! Super adorable.

    1. You know me, it's either crazy crafting lady or crazy trampy lady. This way keeps me off the streets.

  2. Oh, goodness! I've got my little guy's costume planned out, but I didn't even think of him needing a bag. Of course he does. So glad I saw this post! August is so not too early for a Halloween post--all the stores are getting their stuff out already. :-)

  3. Wow! They can get lots and lots of good stuff! Good job!

  4. Grant should trick or treat at my house!

  5. These are too cute! You should make these and sell them and I'd definitely buy 2 of them! :) *Hint, Hint*

  6. it devastates me to no end that I am too old and gigantic to go trick-or-treating.

  7. You did a GREAT job!! I'd so buy these!

  8. These are super cute! Well done! We'd love if you'd join our Countdown to Fall link party! Hope to see you there! Have a great week! :)

  9. Great bags! I love Halloween things so I was drawn right to your pic over at Make the Scene Monday. Your kitty is adorable.

  10. alrighty, it's settled. You are going to have to teach me how to use my stupid sewing machine.

  11. I'm totally ready for fall. I've got Halloween on the brain too!

  12. Great job! I dont sew much but wish I had your talent!

  13. These bags are adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Temptation. I am featuring them at this weeks link party!

  14. These are really cute. You are tempting me!!
    The Busy Bee's.


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